Why can’t my Realme GT5 detect the SIM card | Troubleshooting Guide

Realme GT5 can't detect SIM card Troubleshooting

SIM card detection issues on your Realme GT5 can prevent you from making calls, sending texts, and accessing mobile data.

This guide outlines potential causes of this problem and provides systematic troubleshooting steps to help you restore your phone’s connectivity.

Identifying Causes

Outlined below are common causes of SIM Card detection failure:

  1. Incorrect SIM Insertion: Incorrect orientation or incomplete insertion of the SIM card can prevent it from making proper contact with the phone’s internal connectors. Ensure the gold contacts face downwards and the notched corner aligns with the tray.
  2. SIM Card Damage: Physical damage such as scratches, warping, or corrosion can compromise the SIM card’s electrical circuits. Careful inspection of the card’s surface is necessary.
  3. Network Service Disruptions: Service outages or maintenance activities by your carrier may temporarily cause your phone to lose the ability to detect the SIM. Contacting your service provider can confirm if there are network issues.
  4. Software-Related Issues:
    • Outdated Operating System: Compatibility issues can arise if your phone’s software is not up-to-date. Updating can resolve SIM detection problems related to known bugs.
    • Conflicting Settings: Temporary glitches or incorrect network configurations can cause detection failures. Resetting your network settings may alleviate the issue.
  5. SIM Card Incompatibility:
    • Carrier Restrictions: Devices may be locked to a specific carrier, disallowing SIM cards from other providers. Unlocking procedures may be necessary.
    • Outdated SIM Type: Older SIM cards might not be compatible with newer phones that require updated SIM technology. Consult your carrier for possible upgrades.
  6. Hardware Malfunction in the SIM Reader: Physical damage due to drops, liquid exposure, or component deterioration can render the phone’s SIM card reader inoperable. This would likely require professional repair.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Verify Proper SIM Card Insertion

  • Power down: Begin by turning off your Realme GT5.
  • Eject the SIM tray: Use the provided SIM ejector tool to carefully remove the SIM tray.
  • Inspect the SIM card: Examine the SIM card for any visible damage, such as scratches or warping.
  • Re-insert the SIM card: Ensure the SIM card is placed in the tray with the correct orientation (gold contacts facing down). Insert the tray securely.
  • Restart your device: Power on your phone and observe if the SIM card is now detected.

2. Rule Out Network Outages

  • Contact your carrier: Reach out to your network provider’s customer service to inquire about potential service disruptions in your location.
  • Consult online resources: Many carriers maintain outage maps or status updates on their official websites.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode

  • Access Settings: Navigate to your phone’s “Settings” menu.
  • Enable Airplane Mode: Locate the “Airplane Mode” setting and toggle it on.
  • Disable after a short interval: Wait approximately 30 seconds, then toggle “Airplane Mode” back off. This can refresh your network connections.

4. Perform Manual Network Selection

  • Open Settings: Go to “Settings” on your Realme GT5.
  • Access Network Settings: Select “Connections” or “Mobile Networks.”
  • Choose Network Operators: Tap on “Network Operators.”
  • Initiate Search: Select “Search Networks.” Your phone will scan for available carriers. Choose your network provider from the list.

5. Reset Network Settings

  • Locate the reset option: Within your phone’s “Settings,” find “Reset Network Settings” or a similar option. (The exact path may vary slightly)
  • Proceed with reset: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. Be aware that this will also clear your saved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

6. Test with an Alternate SIM Card

  • Obtain a compatible SIM: If available, try inserting a different SIM card into your Realme GT5. This can help isolate whether the issue lies with your original SIM card or the device itself.

7. Install System Updates

  • Check for updates: Go to “Settings” > “Software Updates.” Download and install any available updates for your Realme GT5 operating system. Software updates often include fixes for known bugs.

8. Clean the SIM Card and SIM Tray

  • Remove debris: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean any dust or debris from the SIM card’s contacts and the SIM tray.

9. Assess SIM Tray for Damage

  • Inspect for damage: Closely examine the SIM tray for any signs of bending or warping. A damaged tray may hinder proper SIM card contact. Consult your carrier or Realme support for a replacement if necessary.

10. Factory Reset (Last Resort)

  • Important: Back up data: A factory reset erases all data from your phone. Ensure you have created a backup of your essential files and information.
  • Perform the reset: Locate the “Factory Reset” option within your device’s “Settings.” Follow the instructions to restore your phone to its original factory settings.


  • Could a hardware issue with the SIM card reader be the cause? Yes, a malfunctioning SIM card reader could lead to detection problems.
  • Can a simple restart resolve this issue? In some cases, a restart can clear minor software glitches that might interfere with SIM detection.
  • What should I do if none of these solutions work? If the issue persists, contact Realme support or your carrier for further diagnosis and potential repair options.
  • Could water damage affect SIM card detection? Yes, liquid damage can compromise internal components, including the SIM card reader.
  • Are there apps that can fix SIM detection problems? It’s unlikely that third-party apps can resolve hardware-related issues.