Apple iPhone 6 Troubleshooting

This page will contain all Apple iPhone 6 problems and their respective solutions. We will be updating it regularly so we can help our readers better. This service we offer is for free, so feel free to contact us if you have issues with your phone.
Apple iPhone 6 Troubleshooting

We are real life technicians (and bloggers) and we deal with real problems everyday. In fact, what we write in this blog are experiences we encountered while fixing issues. We are willing to help you. Just reach out to us and we will do our best to provide assistance…for free.

The troubleshooting procedures we present here are based on our actual troubleshooting routine. While we are willing to take the risk, we often take the safer route in fixing problems. So, if you have problems with your iPhone 6, read on as you will find amazing troubleshooting procedures here. Or, you may email us at and we will gladly help you with your problems.

iPhone 6 Hardware Problems

iPhone 6 Firmware Problems

  • How To Fix iPhone 6 Red Screen Problem After iOS 8.3 Update
  • How to fix your iPhone 6 that is slow or sluggish
  • Troubleshooting guide for your iPhone 6 that’s freezing or unresponsive
  • Troubleshooting iPhone 6 that entered the boot loop 
  • iPhone 6 update process is always interrupted
  • How to fix iPhone 6 that keeps rebooting on its own
  • How to solve slow performance issues with iPhone 6
  • How to make sluggish iPhone 6 run faster
  • How to fix an iPhone 6 with apps that keeps crashing
  • How to fix an iPhone 6 that can’t update to latest firmware
  • What to do when iPhone 6 get stuck on boot loop
  • How to fix iPhone 6 that freezes when app is opened
  • What to do with iPhone 6 that’s stuck on boot logo
  • iPhone 6 Settings service keeps crashing
  • How to get iPhone 6 out of Safe Mode
  • How to fix an iPhone 6 that’s stuck on Factory Mode
  • How to fix an iPhone 6 that’s stuck on boot loop after water damage

iPhone 6 Connectivity Problems

iPhone 6 Service Problems

iPhone 6 App Problems

  • Common Email Errors/Problems on Apple’s iPhone 6 [How to Fix Them]
  • iPhone 6 cannot download apps from the App Store
  • Fix Gmail app that keeps crashing on iPhone 6 
  • How to fix an iPhone 6 that freezes when YouTube is opened
  • iPhone 6 lags when using Google Maps
  • How to fix iPhone 6 that can’t open the Facebook app
  • Suddenly Facebook Messenger crashes on iPhone 6
  • Chrome keeps crashing on iPhone 6 [Solution]
  • Angry Birds Go won’t open on iPhone 6 after update
  • How to fix Skype that keeps crashing & freezing on iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 lags when Twitter for iOS is opened

iPhone 6 Error Messages

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