How to Fix Deleted SMS Reappearing on Galaxy S23 Ultra

samsung galaxy s23 ultra

Noticed old or deleted SMS messages reappearing after deletion on your S23 Ultra? This frustrating issue is often caused by messaging app glitches failing to permanently erase messages. Cached conversations, full storage, and problematic backups can also lead to deleted text resurfacing.

Identifying the root cause is needed to permanently remove conversations.

samsung galaxy s23 ultra

Clear App Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and app data erases temporary files and resets the messaging app. Doing so can resolve app glitches by re-downloading deleted texts.

Go to Settings > Apps > Select Messaging app > Storage > Clear cache and Clear data to wipe.

Check Storage Usage

If storage space is completely full, the phone may not be able to delete SMS, causing them to reappear fully. Free up storage space if needed.

Go to Settings > Storage to check usage and free up space by deleting unneeded apps, photos, videos, or other files.

Turn Off iCloud/Auto Backup

Erroneous backups can sometimes re-sync deleted messages. Temporarily disable messaging backups to iCloud or external storage.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Backup & restore > Turn off Chat backup options for your Samsung account and accounts.

Remove SIM Card

Wiping the SIM card can clear up improperly synchronized deleted conversations that keep resurfacing on your device.

Power down the S23 Ultra, eject the SIM tray, wipe the SIM gently with rubbing alcohol, insert SIM back in, and power on.

Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences returns messaging apps to default, which may stop bringing back deleted texts.

Go to Settings > Apps > Tap the three dots > Reset app preferences and confirm the reset.


  1. Q: Why do my deleted text messages keep coming back on my phone?

    A: Deleted SMS reappearing is typically caused by a glitchy messaging app failing to permanently erase conversations, cached temporary data re-syncing messages, problematic backups restoring deleted texts, or full storage preventing permanent deletion.

  2. Q: How can I troubleshoot and fix deleted texts reappearing on my device?

    A: Try clearing the messaging app cache/data, free up storage space if full, turn off iCloud and other backups temporarily, wipe the SIM card to clear improper syncs, reset app preferences, and update your phone software. This can resolve app issues by re-downloading deleted SMS.

  3. Q: What are some common reasons deleted texts come back on Android phones?

    A: Glitchy messaging apps, full phone storage, improperly configured backups, remaining cached conversations, restoring from a previous backup, and incorrectly synced SIM cards can all lead to deleted texts reappearing even after permanently erasing them.

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