Enable Paypal Payment on Samsung Galaxy S5 using Fingerprint feature

Utilize mobile payment with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint account verification feature and pay for your online purchases with Paypal using your handset.

Mobile Payment Galaxy S5 fingerprint Paypal account verification
Owners of
the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone may opt to pay for their online purchases
with Paypal using their fingerprint. The following steps will get you through
Before you
enable the Paypal Payment using fingerprint function on your Galaxy S5, be sure
to have an internet connection. This means you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi
network or have the data connection enabled on your device, to avoid any further
issue with the Settings configuration.
1. Press
the Home key once to get to the Home
screen. Another way is to press the back key for several times until you’ll get
to the Home screen.
2. Go to
the Notification bar and pull it down by swiping from
topmost down to the lower portion of the screen.
3. Tap the Settings icon from the Notification bar. You can find the
Settings icon on the upper right portion of the screen.
4. Look for
the Finger Scanner icon and tap on
it to get to the Finger Scanner screen.
5. Look for
the Pay Using Paypal option and
touch on it to continue to the next screen wherein you can enable the Paypal payment using your fingerprint
6. Tap Install located next to FIDO Ready Support.
7. Tap on
the Link button located next to your Paypal
8. You will
be prompted with on-screen instructions on the following screen. Just follow
the given instructions to get to the official website of Paypal.
9. Once
you’re in the official Paypal website, sign in to your Paypal account and register
your fingerprints.
By doing
so, you have already enabled or activated the Paypal Payments using your
10. Try to
log-in to your Paypal account using your registered fingerprint.
That should do it.

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