How to Fix Galaxy Watch Not Turning On

galaxy watch not turning on

Is your Galaxy Watch not powering on when you press the side button? There are a few reasons a Galaxy Watch may fail to turn on. An empty battery not charged sufficiently, corrupted software glitching the system, loose accessory connections, hardware damage from exposure to moisture, or a faulty power button could all be responsible. Identifying the underlying cause is crucial for getting your Galaxy Watch working again.

Charge the Watch and Try Hard Reset

Ensure the Galaxy Watch battery is charged adequately and attempt a force restart which can clear minor software glitches preventing start-up.

Place on the charger for at least 30 minutes to an hour if fully drained. Then press and hold the power button for over 10 seconds to hard reset the watch.

Check Accessory Connections

Make sure the watch charger is properly connected to both the watch and outlet for uninterrupted charging. Check that strap pins and accessory connections are also clean.

Remove the charger and re-insert it into the watch. Clean strap pins using rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Check for debris or moisture.

Update Software via Galaxy Wearable App

Check if your watch has pending software updates which may be causing start-up issues after installation. Update to the latest software version.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app > Select your watch > Tap Update software if available and follow the prompts.

Attempt Factory Reset on Watch

If a corrupted file is responsible for a start-up failure, a factory reset can help clear the issue by restoring the original software. Backup data first.

On watch, go to Settings > Advanced > Reset and erase all data. Or reset via the Galaxy Wearable app if the watch won’t turn on.

Contact Samsung Support

If start-up issues began after water exposure, there may be hardware damage requiring repair. Contact Samsung support through live chat or by phone for troubleshooting.

Provide details on the watch model, purchase date, incident of moisture exposure, and troubleshooting done thus far for proper diagnosis.


  1. Q: Why is my Galaxy Watch not turning on?

    A: Common reasons a Galaxy Watch may not power on include insufficient battery charge, corrupted software or firmware, loose accessory connections, hardware damage from moisture exposure, an unresponsive power button, or glitches requiring a hard reset.

  2. Q: How can I troubleshoot a Galaxy Watch that won’t turn on?

    A: First, ensure the watch is charged for at least 30-60 minutes. Check that all charging connections are secure. Attempt pressing and holding the power button for 10+ seconds to force restart it. Update software via the Galaxy Wearable app if possible. Perform a factory reset on the watch to clear any glitches.

  3. Q: When should I seek support for issues powering on my Galaxy Watch?

    A: If you’ve attempted charging, hard resetting, updating software, re-checking connections, and performing a factory reset with no luck, reach out to Samsung support. Any hardware damage from moisture exposure or a faulty power button will require service and repair.

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