How to Fix Galaxy Watch5 Battery Draining Fast

galaxy watch5 battery draining fast

Finding your Galaxy Watch5’s battery life much shorter than expected can certainly be annoying. Rapid battery drain usually indicates an issue with settings, Watch usage, or software needing troubleshooting. Determining the cause of the fast battery drain allows you to take steps to restore normal Watch5 runtime.

galaxy watch5 battery draining fast

When your Watch5’s battery starts draining faster than normal, the problem typically lies with power-hungry settings enabled, rogue apps running in the background, software bugs, or, if older – battery deterioration. By optimizing settings, closing apps, updating software, and potentially replacing batteries, you can get your runtime back on track.

Adjust Screen and Connectivity

Display and connection settings like Bluetooth, WiFi, location, and mobile data can drain the battery. Optimize them for efficiency.

On your Watch5, tweak settings reducing brightness, disabling always-on display, turning off unneeded connections like GPS and WiFi, and limiting background app refresh.

Optimizing power-hungry display, connectivity, and app settings provides one of the easiest ways to reduce Galaxy Watch5 battery drain.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the phone
  2. Select Watch5 and adjust battery saving settings
  3. Disable Always On Display, reduce brightness

Force Close Apps

Apps continuing to run in the background can gradually drain the battery over time. Make sure to force close apps when done using them.

On your Watch5, open the app list and swipe up on any active apps to force close them. Also, limit notifications received. Close apps fully when not in use.

Ensuring apps aren’t continuing to run in the background when not needed will optimize your resting Watch5’s battery life.

  1. Press Watch5’s Home/Power button
  2. Swipe up on open apps in the app list
  3. Select the close icon to force close

Update Software via Wearable App

Outdated Watch5 software containing bugs or inefficiencies can worsen battery drain. Install available updates.

Open the Galaxy Wearable phone app, go to Watch5 settings, and check for any pending software updates. Tap to download and install for fixes.

Updating to the latest Watch5 firmware improves performance and battery optimization to resolve fast drain issues.

  1. Connect Watch5 to Wearable app
  2. Go to Watch5 settings and update the software
  3. Download and install updates

Limit Notifications

Excessive notifications causing constant Watch5 alerts and vibrations will also drain the battery quicker over time. Reduce unnecessary notifications.

On your connected phone, go to Settings > Notifications and disable or reduce any apps sending excessive alerts to your Watch5 throughout the day.

Cutting down on notifications your Watch5 receives limits unnecessary battery usage, triggering vibration motors and screen wakeups.

  1. On the phone, open notification settings
  2. Adjust notifications for each app
  3. Disable non-essential Watch5 notifications

Replace Battery

For older Watch5 batteries that no longer hold a sufficient charge, replacement of the internal battery may be required to restore normal runtime.

Take your Watch5 to a Samsung-authorized service center for a battery replacement if your watch is out of warranty. This will restore full-day usage in most cases.

Replacing degraded batteries that can’t hold as much of a charge is the only solution once all other troubleshooting has been exhausted.

Following this structured debugging helps identify if settings, apps, software, notifications, or worn-out hardware are responsible for the rapid battery drain on your Galaxy Watch5. Target the specific cause to optimize runtime.


  1. Q: Why is my phone’s battery life getting shorter even though I’m not using it more than usual?

    A: Sudden fast battery drain is typically caused by apps running in the background, software bugs, faulty apps keeping components like GPS active, signal issues forcing the radios to work harder, and faulty or aging batteries. Checking usage details helps pinpoint power-hungry apps and processes.

  2. Q: How can I troubleshoot battery draining quickly within just a few hours?

    A: Track battery usage by app and system processes to identify anomalies. Uninstall or restrict apps using excessive power when idle. Update software and apps. Reset battery usage meter and usage patterns. Inspect the physical condition and age of the battery. Try battery diagnostics apps and consider a replacement if old.

  3. Q: What should I do if my phone battery keeps dying in less than an hour when it used to last all day?

    A: Extremely fast battery drain likely indicates a hardware problem if troubleshooting doesn’t reveal any runaway apps or system issues. Have the battery tested at a repair shop. Sudden severe loss of runtime usually means the battery components are wearing out and can no longer hold sufficient charge. Getting the battery replaced restores normal lifespan.