How to Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing Music

spotify keeps pausing music

Is your Spotify app constantly pausing songs when you don’t want it to? This nuisance is often due to connectivity problems, software bugs, device limitations, or incorrect settings. With the right troubleshooting steps, you can get uninterrupted music streaming again.

Spotify Keeps Pausing Music

Typical causes for unwanted Spotify music pausing include:

  • Poor internet connection interrupting streaming.
  • Outdated app needing fresh installation.
  • Background data disabled preventing streaming.
  • Storage limitations on device causing buffering.
  • Battery saver mode interfering with playback.
  • Multiple devices linked to account reaching the limit.
  • Advertisements or other media disrupting songs.

Here are effective solutions to try when Spotify keeps randomly pausing your music:

Restart Your Device

An easy first step is to restart your phone, computer, or Spotify streaming device. This clears up temporary glitches.

Restarting provides a fresh start for Spotify processes and connectivity essential for smooth streaming. It also ensures no other programs are interfering with the app.

To restart:

  1. Close the Spotify app.
  2. For phones, turn the device completely off, wait 30 seconds, then power it back on.
  3. For computers, choose Restart from the Power menu.
  4. For other devices, power off and then on again according to model-specific instructions.
  5. Relaunch Spotify and resume playback.

Reinstall the App

Uninstall and redownload the latest Spotify app to resolve bugs causing pauses.

App data can become corrupted over time leading to performance issues. A fresh install ensures flawless operation.

To reinstall:

  1. Delete the Spotify app from your device.
  2. Visit the app store and download the Spotify app again.
  3. Sign back into your Spotify account in the freshly installed app.
  4. Download music for offline listening if preferred.

Verify Network Connection

Check that your WiFi or mobile data connection is strong enough for high-quality streaming.

Slow or unstable internet causes disruptions in music playback as the app buffers. Improve connection for seamless streaming.

To optimize connectivity:

  1. Move closer to your WiFi router or switch to mobile data.
  2. Test your network speed at to identify issues.
  3. Contact your ISP if speeds are consistently low – an upgrade may help.
  4. Limit other network usage during streaming for best performance.

Adjust Data Saver Setting

Disable Data Saver mode, which limits background streaming even on WiFi.

Data Saver can interrupt Spotify even when connected to WiFi. Turn this off for continuous music playback.

To disable:

  1. Open your Spotify app settings.
  2. Tap Data Saver.
  3. Toggle off the Data Saver switch at the top.
  4. Monitor changes – this should prevent unwanted pauses.

Following this dedicated troubleshooting guide will have your Spotify streaming smoothly again in no time. Be sure to also keep the app updated and limit streaming on multiple devices simultaneously for the best performance.


  1. Q: Why does my Spotify keep pausing music when I don’t want it to?

    A: The most common reasons Spotify pauses on its own are connectivity problems like a poor WiFi/mobile data signal, having Data Saver enabled which limits streaming, outdated app needing reinstall, too many devices playing music on the same account, storage limitations, and software bugs. Restarting your device, upgrading internet, disabling Data Saver, reinstalling Spotify, and limiting streams can help.

  2. Q: How can I stop Spotify from pausing music when I have a good internet connection?

    A: If Spotify pauses often even with a strong signal, try reinstalling the Spotify app, adjusting the Data Saver setting to off, updating your Spotify version or device OS, clearing the app cache and data, and limiting streams on other devices simultaneously. This resolves app glitches and connectivity issues that can interrupt playback. Checking your router placement and network traffic can also optimize streaming.

  3. Q: Why does Spotify pause when I’m listening offline or with downloads enabled?

    A: With downloads enabled, pausing is typically caused by device limitations like low storage space or memory, outdated app needing reinstall, battery saver mode enabled, phones overheating, and abnormal app data disrupting songs. Check your device storage and memory capacity. Updating Spotify, disabling battery saver, cleaning device caches, and restarting your phone can improve offline performance.