[FIXED] Cannot Receive Calls after Disabling Wi-Fi Calling on my iPhone 6 with Sprint

This article contains a fix for a problem on the iPhone 6, in which the phone cannot receive calls after updating to iOS 8.3. This problem was relayed to us through email by one of our readers just recently. She said she’s with Sprint and started to have this trouble after she updated her iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3 firmware.

iPhone6 Wi Fi Calling Issue

Here’s the main issue addressed in this post:

“To test it out, I have enabled Wi-Fi Calling after I recently updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3. In the following day, I disabled Wi-Fi Calling and since then, all my incoming calls go straight to the Voicemail. When I tried to enable Wi-Fi Calling again, I am prompted with a message saying, “To allow Wi-Fi calling on this account, contact your carrier.”


The solution to this issue is actually given on the message prompt. So, if you too have encountered the same problem with your iPhone 6 device, and seeing the same message prompt, please contact your phone carrier’s technical support, and have them check your account and configure Wi-Fi calling with their tools on their end.

There are some instances that even if you already have disabled Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, it’s still enabled on your account. In this case, your carrier, through tech support will be the one to disable Wi-Fi Calling on your account from their end, refresh your account using their tools, and then have you reset your network settings and update PRL.

More about Wi-Fi Calling Feature on iPhone 6

Wi-Fi Calling is especially useful when cellular signal is low. The feature was first introduced in iOS 8, allowing users to make phone calls through Wi-Fi instead of a cellular network when connected to a wireless network.

After the iOS 8.3 update, iPhone 6 users can toggle on Wi-Fi Calling in the Phone section of the Settings app, which will allow them to make calls over Wi-Fi when a Wi-Fi network is available.

Wi-Fi Calling is enabled or turned off by default. To start using this feature, you need to go to your iPhone’s Settings->Phone, and then turn on Wi-Fi Calling.

Once your iPhone is connected to a wireless network and Wi-Fi Calling is available, you will see “Wi-Fi” after your carrier name in the status bar.

Note: Your phone should be running the latest version of iOS 8 and have an active Wi-Fi Internet connection for you to use Wi-Fi Calling.

That should fix the problem.

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