Guide to using Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Account Password Verification Feature [How to enable feature]

One of the many smart features
entrenched into Samsung’s most powerful Galaxy S5 smartphone is the fingerprint
sensor, which primarily functions to unlock the device using your fingerprint, for a lot quicker and easier accounts verification and online transactions.

example, you can verify your Samsung account or pay for any purchases through
Paypal using your fingerprint with the Galaxy S5.

Typically, owners of Samsung devices
are required to input password to verify their ownership over certain account
before they can get through their Samsung accounts. With the Galaxy S5, Samsung
account verification is made easier by simply registering your fingerprint on
your GS5 handset and from there, you can verify Samsung account password by
swiping your finger in the fingerprint sensor.

If you haven’t yet tried using the
fingerprint account password verification feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5,
then you may refer to this guide we offer.

Here’s how to verify your Samsung
Account Password using your fingerprint on Samsung GS:

Enable the fingerprint feature to
get started:

1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Get to the Notification bar and pull it down. You can do a swiping gesture
from the topmost part of the Home screen then going down.

3. Touch the Settings icon, located on the upper-right corner of the screen.

4. Touch the Finger scanner icon to
load and open the Finger Scanner page.

5. Touch the option that says “Verify Samsung Account.” Doing so
will lead you to a page where you can turn the Fingerprint feature on.

6. On the Verify Samsung Account page, locate and drag the switch button to
the right. This will enable the feature.

7. Enter the correct password for
your Samsung Account.

8. Touch the Confirm button to confirm action.

The fingerprint account password
verification is now enabled on your phone. Try to use your fingerprint to
verify your Samsung Account password by using the fingerprint sensor on your
GS5 handset.

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