How to Access and Configure Email Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S7 [Quick Guide]

The following steps will walk you through accessing the Galaxy S7 email settings should you want to configure some options for your email accounts set up on this device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 email settings configuration

Here’s how to find the email settings on this new Samsung smartphone:

1. To get started, go to the Home screen.

2. Tap Email to launch the app.

Note: Alternatively, you can tap Apps-> Email, if the Email app shortcut is not available on the Home screen.

3. From the Inbox screen, tap MORE on the upper-right side next to SEARCH.

4. Scroll to and tap to select Settings from the given options.

5. From the Email settings screen, tap to select the email account you want to modify.

6. Scroll to and tap on Server settings under Advanced settings.

7. From the email settings screen, you will see information for the incoming server, outgoing servers, etc. Tap on the option(s) you want to edit.

8. When you’re done editing, tap DONE to save the current changes you’ve made.

The modified email server settings will then be displayed. If necessary, review the details and then test to ensure there are no problems sending and receiving emails on your phone using the current settings.

Keep posted for more tutorial contents on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to follow.

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