How to activate your Apple iPhone SE using iTunes [Set Up Guide]

activate set up Apple iPhone SE guide

Apple’s latest iPhone is here! To those who just got it and need help activating the iPhone SE, this content is for you. The activation method I demonstrate in this post is using iTunes, considering your Wi-Fi network is not available for some reasons.

So let’s get started.

1. Press and hold the Power key to turn the phone on.
Hint: The Power key of the iPhone SE is located on the upper right side of it.

2. The next screen to display contains the welcome prompt. Swipe the screen to the right to proceed with the phone setup.

3. Tap the preferred language (English) you want to use on your device.

4. When prompted to select your country or region, tap your preferred country. If necessary, scroll down to view and select other country from the bottom list.

5. Since you’ll use iTunes for your new iPhone activation, tap Connect to iTunes.

  • In some models, the available option for activation is Use Cellular Connection. If this is the case, you can activate your device using the available cellular network.
  • If you’re asked to continue without Wi-Fi, tap an option you prefer.

6. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable supplied by the manufacturer.
The iTunes app will open automatically once the iPhone is connected successfully.

7. A welcome screen will display, the first time your iPhone is connected to iTunes. If prompted with this screen, just click Continue to proceed.

Note: You may need to click your preferred setup option, if this is not the first time you connect your iPhone to iTunes. After selecting your setup, click the button to Continue.

8. On the Sync with iTunes screen, click the Get Started button.

9. Adjust the sync options if necessary, then click Sync to begin syncing your device.

Note: iTunes will then automatically create a backup. Wait until the first backup is finished, then unplug or disconnect your iPhone from the computer. Unplug the USB cable once the activation is complete, and then proceed to the initial setup on your iPhone.

10. Tap Enable Location Services to activate the feature, and then select your preferred location services option.

11. To set up Touch ID, place your finger or thumb on the Home key. If you don’t opt to do it later, you can by tapping on Set Up Touch ID Later. If you choose the latter option, you can set up the Touch ID at some other time through the Settings menu.

12. Tap Continue on the Setup Touch ID Later prompt. Otherwise, tap Set Up Touch ID.

13. From the Create a Passcode screen, enter a six digit passcode for your device. You can also select a different passcode format by tapping on Passcode Options, and then select the option you prefer.

14. Enter your passcode again to confirm.

15. From the Apps & Data screen, scroll an option to proceed. In your case, tap on Set Up as New iPhone.

16. Enter the email address or account that is linked with your Apple ID, then enter the correct Password.

17. Tap Next.

18. If prompted, read the Terms and Conditions and then tap Agree to proceed. Tap Agree one more time if prompted with the Terms and Conditions alert message.

19. Tap Next to proceed with Apple Pay setup.

20. Place your card within the frame shown on the screen, to add a card to Apple Pay. Or you can just enter the card number manually. If you choose to do the latter, tap the option to Enter Card Details Manually. Or you may also opt to set up Apple Pay later by tapping on the Set Up Later in Wallet.

21. Tap to select your preferred option for iCloud Keychain setup. Otherwise, tap on Don’t use iCloud Keychain.

Note: When enabled, the iCloud Keychain helps keep your credit card information and passwords secure and updated. Information in your Keychain will be encrypted. Tap Continue to proceed with the setup.

22. To set up and activate Apple’s virtual assistant tool Siri, tap Set Up Siri, then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process. Otherwise, tap the option to Set Up “Hey Siri” Later.

23. Tap Continue to proceed with the Siri setup on your iPhone.

24. To configure options for Diagnostics, tap Continue and then set your preferences.

25. To proceed with App Analytics setup, tap your desired option.

26. When prompted with the Welcome to iPhone screen, tap Get Started to start using your new phone.

Your new iPhone is now all set for use.

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