How to Enable/Disable Screen Mirroring (Wireless Display) feature on Samsung Galaxy S4

Usually referred to as wireless display,
Samsung Galaxy S4 screen mirroring is a feature that duplicates the display in
your GS4 on a television or other bigger screens for better, bigger view. When
the screen mirroring feature is turned on, your Galaxy S4 will function like a
remote control for your television.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen mirroring enable disable
With this feature enabled, you can watch
any video, play games, view photos saved in your GS4 handset on the television
and share them with the members of your family or friends during some important
Here is how to enable/disable screen
mirroring feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones:
1. Go to the Settings Menu on
your phone.
2. Select Connections to view
available options.
3. Touch to select Screen
4. To turn it on (enable),
simply drag it to right.
*** To turn it off (disable),
just drag it left.
Once screen mirroring is turned on, the
GS4 device will then start to scan for available devices that support Miracast
within the range.
Miracast refers to the technology behind
the screen mirroring feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. Such technology
allows a portable device or computer to send securely via peer-to-peer WiFi
direct connection up to 1080p HD video with 5.1 surround sound to any devices
that support Miracast.
Android officially supports Miracast for
Jelly Bean 4.2 and later versions.
5. Tap on the device you wish to
connect to the GS4 and display contents to.
6. You will be prompted with
on-screen instructions. Just follow these instructions to complete screen
mirroring set up on both devices.
Important requirements:

In order to use the Galaxy S4 screen
mirroring, you need to have another device that is Miracast-supported, such as
a Miracast-supported television or a Miracast-supported HDMI dongle (regardless
of brand and vendor).
What If Your Television does not support Miracast?

In case your television does not support
Miracast and you want to use it to display or mirror contents from your Galaxy
S4 smartphone, you need to secure an HDMI
for screen mirroring to work.
Typically, televisions other than Smart
TVs do not support Miracast. Even so, you still can use it for screen mirroring
with your Galaxy S4 handset. All you need is to have any of the following

HDMI adapter, which supports Miracast – Prefer to use high-quality adapters to avoid latency or lagging
issues. Among the most recommended brand is Netgear Push2TV Wireless Display
HDMI Adapter with Miracast. This adapter is known to work well with Samsung
Galaxy S4 screen mirroring.

Samsung AllShare Cast Hub – It’s exclusively
designed for use on Samsung devices, and works great for GS4 screen mirroring.
No configurations needed.

Samsung HomeSync – Refers to a
personal cloud (1TB) embedded with many features including screen mirroring.
HomeSync is recommended for those who need personal storage cloud to store and
share GS4 contents (videos, music, and photos). It can also be used as a media
player for your television.

Note: Not all Galaxy smartphones and tablets
are supported by HomeSync.

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