How to Fix an iPhone 6 that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting]

This help will help you troubleshoot an
iPhone 6 that will not turn on. Anyone who is having problem turning on their
iPhone may refer to this guide. Be sure to test your device after performing
each of the given methods to see if the problem is fixed. Otherwise, proceed to
the next procedure.
iPhone6 wont turn on how to

Possible Causes

When a device won’t turn on, it is likely
that it ran out of battery power, a buggy app is causing problem, or worst, the
device itself is damaged.

 Troubleshooting Procedures

Below are methods to fix the main problem
based on the possible causes.

1. Charge your iPhone.

To make sure the problem is not due to a
drained battery, try to charge your iPhone and then turn it on after about 30
minutes or until it is fully charged. If it still won’t power on, allow it to
charge overnight.
Charging Tips:
  • Connect your iPhone to a power outlet
    using the USB cable that came with the device and Apple USB power adapter, for
    the quickest charge.
  • You should see a small lightning icon
    next to the battery icon when its connected to a power source. That indicates
    your device is properly charging. If you don’t see it, check and ensure the
    phone is properly connected to the charger.
If it still won’t charge, then you
may try the following:

  • Use a different charger cable or power
    adapter, if available.
  • Be sure the wall outlet is working fine.
    You can try to plug in another device and see if that works, otherwise, try a
    different outlet.
  • Try to plug into another power source a
    computer USB port, car charger, or other compatible USB-powered device
  • Check and ensure the case or accessory is
    not preventing the charger cable from connecting to the device. Try to remove
    the case and charge again.
  • Check the charger port and make sure
    there is no lint or other debris clogging. Also make sure the port is not loose
    or damaged.
  • Make sure you are using Apple-approved
    charger and that the cable and USB power adapter are provided by the OEM or are
    certified compatible with your iPhone. Manufacturer-approved accessories typically
    have the Apple logo printed on the label.

2. Did the problem start after you
install new apps?

If all of a sudden, your phone powered
off and won’t turn on after you’ve installed certain applications, then it
implies that the application is at fault. In this case, try to force your
device to restart.  

Here’s how to do it:
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home
buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo displays.
Forcing your iPhone to restart will not
erase the contents currently stored on your device. You can force your iPhone
to restart even if your screen is black or the buttons are not responding.
Once the phone is back on, you can
uninstall the buggy app or contact its developer to escalate its glitch.
3. Check for any liquid or physical
If the problem occurred after the phone
gets wet or fell, then it’s more likely that the phone is damaged that’s why it
won’t turn on. In this case, you may consider taking it to a repair shop for
hardware check. Or you may contact Apple Support to set up service, especially
if you can force your device to restart because the Home button or Sleep/Wake
button is broken or stuck.
Hope this helps.
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