How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A3 Screen Flickering Issue

Screen flickering problem in mobile phones is often tied to a faulty hardware while other cases are triggered by some glitches on the software, particularly on settings configuration. The workarounds we recommend in this post are applicable for screen flickering issue on a Samsung Galaxy A3 device, whether it’s a hardware or software is at fault.

fix Samsung Galaxy A3 screen flickering problem

If by any chance you’re having the same problem with your Galaxy A3 screen that flickers, you too may try any of the following methods, whichever you believe is applicable to your situation.

Configure Phone Settings

If you suspect the screen flickering problem on your A3 device is triggered by a software glitch, then you can use this workaround:

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Navigate to Developer Options.
  • Mark the check box next to Disable HW Overlays.
While there’s no clear explanation as to how these settings could have affected the screen behavior of your device, those who have applied the aforesaid workaround have fixed the problem. It wouldn’t hurt if you give it a shot.

Other methods you can try if you suspect it’s a software glitch include a soft reset, which involves removing of and re-inserting the battery on your device. If this won’t work, then your last resort would be a factory reset.

Check the Battery

A number screen flickering issues are found to be triggered by a damaged or degraded battery. If the flickering problem is accompanied by an unusual battery drain, then it’s most likely associated with a battery issue. Degraded batteries could often trigger a device to act weird especially when the charge level is getting lower. This also happens to other Galaxy devices like the S3 and S4.

To ensure this is not causing you trouble on your Galaxy A3, try to check your phone’s battery. If you notice some signs of damage on it, like swelling, then you should consider replacing it already. Remember to replace your battery if it’s already showing signs of depreciation, to avoid any further damage to occur on your device.

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