How to Search for Contents on my Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone?

Searching for contents on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 device is made easier with the S Finder application. S Finder allows you to search for a wide variety of contents including pictures, contacts, files and more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 S Finder search content

Searches are usually done through entering keywords using your voice or the S6 keyboard.

How to use the Galaxy S6 S Finder

The S Finder application can be access through any menu or application on your device. Here’s how:

1. Open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen down to the bottom.
2. Swipe to the left.
3. Touch S Finder to continue.
4. Type in a keyword in the search box to start searching for your query.
5. To narrow the results, swipe down and touch the icons under the search box. Doing so will filter your search results by content Time, Location, Tag or Category.
6. To add a filter, touch the plus (+) sign next to the selected filter name.
7. To remove a filter, touch the minus (-) sign next to the selected filter name.

Additional S Finder settings can be viewed or accessed by touching More. Among these options include Select search locations and Help.

Select search locations will let you select specific locations to exclude or include from S Finder searches. To exclude a location from S Finder searches, just uncheck/unmark the boxes next to the locations you want to be excluded. All locations are included in the search by default.

Help is an option to find help on using the S Finder app on your Galaxy S6 device.

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