iPhone 6 Plus [Starters Guide]: Network Settings Configuration

iphone6 network settings configurationIn this guide, we will help you set up or configure network settings of your new iPhone 6 Plus, from selecting network mode, turning flight mode on/off, as well as selecting network connection to use for Internet. So if you came in here in search for this particularly guide, then read on to learn how to get these things setup in your new iPhone device.

A. Select Network Mode for iPhone 6 Plus

There are different network modes you cause select for use on your new iPhone. Remember that data speeds you can get may vary depending on which network mode you choose.

Here’s how to select a network mode for your iPhone 6 Plus:

1. Tap on Settings to get started.

2. Scroll to and tap Mobile from the Settings screen.

3. Now press indicator next to Enable 4G, to (enable or disable) turn the function on/off.


To get higher data speeds, select  4G/LTE network mode for your device. It’s way faster than using 3G or GSM. 

Once you’ve enabled or turned on 4G/LTE mode, your iPhone will automatically switch between the network modes given you are within range of a 4G/LTE network. Disabling 4G/LTE on your iPhone will result to lower data speeds.

4. After you have enabled 4G/LTE network mode, return to the Home screen by pressing the Home key. You phone is now currently set to use 4G/LTE.

B. Turn Flight Mode on/off on your iPhone 6 Plus

It is recommended to turn off all wireless connections so that your phone can’t cause any interference with any other sensitive equipment in a hospital or a plane. But even though your phone is set to flight mode, you would still be able to use it for other functions, except making calls or sending messages.

Follow these steps (quickest way) to turn flight mode on or off your new iPhone:

1. Slide your finger from the bottom edge of the screen going up.

2. Tap the flight mode icon from the quick panel, to turn the function on or off.

3. Now press the Home key to get back to the Home screen. By then, Airplane mode is already enabled on your iPhone.

C. Select network manually or automatically on your iPhone 6 Plus

You have the options to set your iPhone to select a network manually or automatically. If you opt to select a network manually, your iPhone will lose network connection when the chosen network is out of range.

Here’s how to select network connection options for your iPhone 6:

1. Tap on Settings.

2. Scroll to and tap to select Carrier from the given options under Settings.

3. Now choose either you set your phone to select a network manually or select a network automatically.

//Follow these steps if you opt to set your iPhone to select a network manually:

  • Tap the indicator next to Automatic, to turn the function off and switch it to Manual. Doing so will then let your phone search for networks within range.
  • Now tap the network you want to use or connect to. You will know whether or not you have access to the network you’ve selected.

If you opt to select network automatically, just tap the Indicator next to Automatic to turn the function on or enabled.

4. Tap Settings to save or apply the recent changes you’ve made to your iPhone’s network options.

Hope this helps.

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