Purchase/Download, Install Apps on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha via Galaxy Apps, Play Store or Galaxy Essentials

In this guide, we’ll
help you download, install and uninstall apps on the Galaxy using the Samsung Galaxy Apps, Play Store
or via Galaxy Essentials. Read on to learn more.
You can download,
install or uninstall apps on your Galaxy Alpha device using the Play Store or
Galaxy Apps tool. Let’s start with the Galaxy Apps.
download install apps on samsung galaxy alpha
Samsung Galaxy Apps
is an application used to purchase and download apps on your Samsung devices,
including the new Galaxy Alpha smartphone.
The Galaxy Apps may
not be available in some regions or service provider. So it would be better if
you ask your service provider beforehand. If it’s available, then you may
proceed with using this app to download, install or uninstall applications on
your new Alpha device.

Using Galaxy Apps on
Galaxy Alpha

  • To use Galaxy, tap on
    Apps from the Home screen.
  • From the Apps
    screen, tap on Galaxy Apps. Doing so will open the Galaxy Apps tool. You may now start using the Galaxy Apps tool to download and install apps on your device.

Applications via Galaxy Apps on Galaxy Alpha

  • You can browse apps
    by category or tap to search for a keyword to find the application you want to
    download and install in your Alpha device. But before you download an
    application,  viewing/reading the
    information about it is highly recommended.
  • You may choose to
    download apps for free or purchase apps for your device. To download apps for
    free, tap Free.  To purchase and download
    apps, tap the button that displays the app’s cost.
  • To prevent automatic
    change the auto update settings by tapping on Settings, select Auto
    update apps
    , and then choose an option.

 Using Play Store on
Galaxy Alpha

Another popular tool
used for purchasing and downloading applications for your Samsung device is the
Play Store. 

To use the Play Store on your Galaxy Alpha, tap on Apps, then
select Play Store from the Apps screen. When you’re already in the Play Store, you can browse apps by category or tap to search for an app to
download/purchase and install on your device. Again, be sure to review the app
information before you purchase or download it.
To download apps for
via Play Store, tap Install. To purchase and download apps, tap the price
and follow the on-screen instructions
to complete the process.
You can also change
the auto update settings for an app. To do so, tap on Settings, select
Auto-update apps, then select an option.

Download apps via
GALAXY Essentials

GALAXY Essentials is
another means you can use to download suggested applications on your new
Samsung Galaxy device. With this tool, you can view and download any of the
dedicated Galaxy device applications.
Essentials, tap Apps, then select GALAXY Essentials to open the application.
Alternately, you can go to the Home screen, tap on the GALAXY Essentials widget
and then tap next to an application. 

For quick downloads, you may choose to
download all apps in the list by tapping Download all.

Manage apps on the
Galaxy Alpha

You can uninstall or
disable certain applications, including default apps on your Galaxy Alpha, when

To disable default applications, tap Apps from the Home screen, and
then tap on the option to uninstall/disable apps. The option appears on the
applications you can disable. Choose an app to disable and then tap Disable.
To uninstall
downloaded apps
, tap Apps, and then tap Downloaded apps from the Apps screen

Another way is to tap on Apps, select Settings from the Apps screen, tap
Download Manager, select the app to uninstall, and then finally, tap Uninstall.
If you want to view
or use any hidden apps
on your Galaxy Alpha, tap Apps, tap Show disabled apps,
select the apps to enable, and then tap Done

Another way is to tap Apps,
select Settings, tap Application manager, scroll to disabled, select an app to
re-enable, and then tap Enable.
If you don’t want
others to view certain apps on your device, then simply hide these apps. You
can hide apps only in the Apps screen but can continue to use hidden
apps on your Galaxy Alpha.

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