Quick Guide to PUK unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4

Need help on how to PUK unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4? Here’s a quick guide for you to refer to.

galaxy s4 PUK unlock how to

Incorrect PIN code entries or if you enter an incorrect PIN code for several times in a row will trigger the device to block you from further attempts. This is when you will be required to enter a PUK code to unblock the PIN, and finally, have access and use your phone/SIM card again.

Among the error prompts or messages that are often tied to PUK code unlock on the Galaxy S4 handset include the following:

  • “Enter PUK code.”
  • “SIM card locked. Emergency calls only. Please contact customer care.”
  • ” PIN code blocked. Enter PUK code.”
If you are prompted with any of these messages, then that denotes you’re in trouble and that you have to do something to get this fixed.

Important Note:

To avoid entering the wrong code and permanently damage your SIM card, we recommend you to contact customer care for PUK code. Follow these steps:

1. Request your PUK code from customer care, especially if you’re not sure of what your PUK code is.

2. Once you got the code, tap on Emergency Call, when your phone displays this message prompt: ‘SIM card is PUK-locked. Please contact your phone carrier’s Customer Care.’

3. If you have T-Mobile as your phone carrier, enter the these characters/code **05*PUK*NEWPIN*NEWPIN# (NOTE: CODE may vary depending on your mobile carrier).

You may be asked to enter a new PIN. If so, enter your new PIN and tap OK to continue.

4. Tap OK to confirm.

And that should do it! Your SIM card should now be unlocked.

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