This content elaborates the available methods to troubleshoot and resolve Wi-Fi issues encountered by a number of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users. These methods applied to specific problems about the Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi that is unstable, intermittent or no connectivity at all.

Galaxy Note 3 WiFi error

Some users said they’re prompted with an error message that says, “Your internet connection is unstable” while attempting to use the Internet. Meanwhile, others said they can connect however, the Internet keeps on disconnecting.

There were also some cases in which the Wi-Fi disconnects and Moble data connects even without doing any changes on the settings, while others have Wi-Fi connection but Internet is not available or they cannot browse.
Determining Possible Causes

Considering the fact that Wi-Fi signal strength may be overly sensitive, it can initiate an error message, or automatically switch to Mobile data instead of using the available Wi-Fi network.

Typically, an error message will prompt when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable. This error message displays when the device is too far from the router or out of network range.

Resolution Steps/Workarounds

To solve unstable Wi-Fi connection the Galaxy Note 3, follow these step-by-step workarounds:

1. Get to your phone Settings.

2. Select Wi-Fi to configure certain option settings.

3. Select and long press on the existing/enabled Wi-Fi network or Internet connection.

4. Tap Forget network to disconnect from the existing network.

5. Press the Menu key.

6. Tap Advanced to continue.

7. Check on Passpoint and set it to OFF to disable this option/feature. Doing so will prevent the phone from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi access points that require additional authentication through a web browser.

8. Scroll to and locate the Auto Network option and turn it OFF by removing the check mark from the box next to it.

Once you’re done with the aforesaid Wi-Fi settings configuration on your Note 3 device, proceed with the following router steps.

Getting started:

1. If you are not confident of troubleshooting your router, you may contact your router manufacturer for further assistance with the steps. Otherwise, follow these steps:

a. Check and make sure the router is broadcasting in a clear spectrum. Please note that the router signal can be influenced or interfered by other Wi-Fi signals, wireless home phones or even microwaves. In case you are in an area with greater or more interference, we suggest you try to use 5Ghz frequency.

b. When testing or measure your router signal, be sure to do it in a place surrounded with concrete walls and electronics that may break line-of-sight or block connection between the router and the phone.

c. If your router is far from your phone, try to change the signal from 5Ghz to 2.5Ghz and see if your Wi-Fi connection improves.

If problem persists after completing the above steps, please contact your Internet Service Provider and have them check for any possible network outages occurring in your place and affecting your Wi-Fi connection.

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