Samsung Galaxy S5 DayDream Feature [How to Use]

What is the Daydream feature and how to use it on the new Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Daydream feature how to use

Android DayDream feature on Samsung Galaxy S5 refers to
an interactive screensaver mode that will automatically activate when the
device is charging or docked. By nature, it keeps your screen ON and allows the
device to get real-time information.
Turn On/Enable GS5
DayDream feature
To use this function, simply enable DayDream feature on
your Galaxy S5 smartphone. Need help? Follow these steps:
1. Go to the Home
screen and touch Apps to get
2. Touch Settings
to proceed.
3. Touch to Display
4. Touch to select DayDream.
5. Touch the OFF
slider to turn DayDream ON or
enabled. Otherwise, leave it ON.
6. Select Colors,
Flipboard, Google Photos, Photo frame or Photo table (according to your preference).
7. Touch the Settings
(wheel icon) to configure the
selected item.
8. To preview your selection, simply touch Preview.
Final Note:
You can also customized and/or add more apps to DayDream via Google PlayStore. Just get to the
PlayStore by touching on Apps,
select PlayStore and then search for

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