Samsung Galaxy S5 Starter’s Guide: Attaching a video to a text message

Adding file attachments to a text message like video files is possible with the Galaxy S5 using a default or standard messaging app. If you still haven’t tried it and you need help in doing so, you may refer to this content, as it elaborates the step-by-step process of attaching a video to a text message on your GS 5 handset.

attaching video to text galaxy s5 tutorial

You may start whenever you’re ready.

A. Attaching a Video on a Text Message

1. Get to the Home screen and touch Apps to open the Apps menu.

2. Once you’re already in the Apps menu/screen, swipe to Video.

3. Now, tap on the Video icon. Doing so will open a new screen, in which you can select any from the available video files to attach to your text message.

4. Tap All Videos.

5. Select a video to attach. Simply tap on your chosen video.

6. After you’ve selected a video, you will be routed back to the messaging screen. Compose your text message. When finished, tap on the Send button.

Options may vary depending on the messaging application you used in text messaging.

Now you’ve sent a text message with an attached video file in it. Just follow the same steps the next time you’ll create a text message with video file attachments.

It is recommended to set the recording mode to a lower resolution before recording a video, for it to be easily shared or attached.

Read on to learn how to set the recording mode to the smallest resolution before recording a video on your Galaxy S5 phone.

B. Adjust video setting for sharing on Galaxy S5

1. Open the Camera app.

2. Touch on the Settings icon.

3. You will then see different options to set. Touch Video Size.

4. Scroll to and touch 640×480 (4:3).

5. Now touch outside the Settings menu to exit and go back to the main camera screen.

6. Touch the Video icon located on the right-corner of the screen, to start recording a video.

7. To stop the recording, touch on the Stop icon (white square) on the right side.

You can also use the Messaging app to capture or record a new video, to ensure it is the correct size and resolution for sharing/sending.

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