Set Up Mobile Hotspot with LG G3 [Beginners Guide]

Similar to other Android smartphones, you can too can set your LG G3 as mobile hotspot, to facilitate your Internet phone connection sharing (tether) with other devices including tablets or PC via a Wi-Fi network.

Mobile Hotspot or personal hotspot refers to a portable internet connection that can be shared to other mobile devices, and let them connect to the Internet for as long as a cellphone signal is available. To make this possible, you will need to work on some settings and get everything properly configured beforehand.
Follow these steps to set up mobile hotspot with your LG G3 smartphone:
1. Tap the Apps icon from the Home screen.
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Tap More.
4. To turn Mobile Hotspot on, tap or slide the Mobile Hotspot switch to ON.
5. Tap OK to continue.
6. Tap Mobile Hotspot, to configure settings to share your mobile data connection via Wi-Fi.
7. Tap OK to proceed.
8. Tap Set Up from Mobile Hotspot screen to set the name and password for your Mobile Hotspot. You can choose the type of security you preferred. And you can also find your device password in here.
9. Tap the Security type field.
10. Select the security type you preferred to use.
11. Tap the Password field.
12. Read and review the notification details, then tap OK to continue.
13. Enter your password
Hint: Alphanumeric or numbers and letter combinations is recommended to make your password more secure. Be sure to take note or remember your password though.
14. When finished, tap Done.
15. Tap Save to save the recent changes you’ve made, then tap OK to complete the settings configuration saving process.
And by doing all that, you now have set up your LG G3 for use as mobile hotspot. You may now start sharing connection with other mobile devices for Internet.

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