Summoners War: Chronicles – August 2023 Update; What’s New?

summoners war 2023 update

In the latest stride taken by renowned global game developer and publisher, Com2uS, the August 2023 update has breathed fresh life into the action-RPG realm of Summoners War: Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles 2023

A new and playable Summoner enters the fray, accompanied by innovative monster hunting mechanics, enhanced guild participation experiences, and gratifying in-game events.

Notable Highlights of the Summoners War: Chronicles August 2023 Update:

Introduction of New Summoner – Soleta Stepping into the limelight is Soleta, a skilled archer renowned for her formidable single-target damage capabilities. Soleta joins forces with Kina, Orbia, and Cleaf, embarking on a quest to restore balance to the Rahil Kingdom.

Alongside her entry, players can explore the novel Soul Connection feature, allowing the transfer of monster abilities for fresh strategic endeavors.

Key Features of the Summoners War Chronicles Latest Update

1. Soleta: The Fresh Face in the Fray

Soleta’s combat prowess lies in delivering calculated and potent ranged attacks directed at a solitary target. While she predominantly relies on standard attacks, her potential for sudden, immense damage is limited. Instead, her strength lies in gradually inflicting substantial damage over time.

Her mobility skills enable her to maintain a secure distance from foes. Players can unlock access to Soleta once they progress other Summoners to Rudelin Chapter 10.

2. Elemental Proficiency of Soleta

Mastering five elemental attributes, Soleta showcases harmonious versatility within any group setup, excelling in diverse combat scenarios. Her command over the Fire attribute equips her to dismantle heavily armored tanks with ease. Her Water attribute proficiency enables her to unleash a swift barrage of assaults.

Through Wind attribute mastery, she indirectly neutralizes opponents over time with Damage over Time (DoT), sleep, and harmful effect prevention.

Her prowess extends to the Light and Dark attributes, enabling her to deliver consecutive substantial damage to a single target and effectively engage multiple adversaries, a boon for the entire team.

3. Soul Connection: Fusing Monster Abilities

Introducing the Soul Connection feature, which empowers players to link abilities between monsters. By designating a 5★ or 4★ Monster with maximum levels and skill enhancements, these attributes can be replicated onto another Monster.

However, the linked monsters remain unalterable until the connection is undone, encouraging players to experiment with a broader spectrum of creatures.

4. Guild Enhancements and Features

Guild members now have access to the Infinite Raid feature, engaging in a solo challenge against endless waves of adversaries over three minutes to secure rewards for their guild.

The Professions Research Tower in the Guild Town significantly reduces crafting expenses for guild members, with the extent of reduction linked to the tower’s level. The Guild Siege Battles experience is also enriched with various enhancements.

5. Quality of Life Enhancements

The August update brings several quality of life improvements, including the removal of Secret Energy from the shop, allowing players to exchange owned Secret Energy for Energy or Gold.

The Seal – Ruined Temple evolves into a 3-player dungeon, with Dice rewards adjusting based on team size.

On the competitive front, the Battlefield season cycle extends from 1 week to 4 weeks, with each Battlefield rotating for 4 days.

6. Special Anniversary Events

Players are invited to the 1-Year Anniversary Check-In Event between August 11 and October 20, offering the chance to collect 1-Year Medals exchangeable for reward scrolls.

More 1-Year Medals can be earned by completing in-game missions.

FAQs about Summoners War: Chronicles Game

1. What is Summoners War: Chronicles?

Summoners War: Chronicles is an action-packed role-playing game developed by Com2uS, a renowned global game developer and publisher. It is set in the vibrant and fantasy-filled world of the Summoners War universe. The game offers players the opportunity to embark on epic quests, engage in strategic battles, and collect a diverse array of monsters, each with unique abilities. It combines engaging storytelling, strategic combat mechanics, and an expansive world to explore, providing an immersive experience for players.

2. What sets Summoners War: Chronicles apart from other RPGs?

Summoners War: Chronicles stands out for several reasons:
Familiar Universe: It builds upon the popular Summoners War universe, incorporating familiar characters and elements that fans of the franchise will recognize and appreciate.
Strategic Gameplay: The game emphasizes strategic decision-making during battles. Players must carefully select monsters, utilize their abilities, and devise tactics to emerge victorious in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
Monster Collection and Evolution: The heart of the game lies in collecting and evolving a diverse range of monsters. Players can nurture and level up their monsters, unlocking new abilities and evolving them into more powerful forms.
Storytelling: Summoners War: Chronicles features a captivating storyline that immerses players in a world filled with rich lore, intriguing characters, and epic quests.
Guild and Multiplayer Features: The game promotes social interaction through guilds and multiplayer activities. Players can team up with friends, participate in guild events, and challenge other players in competitive battles.

3. What kind of content can players expect in Summoners War: Chronicles?

Summoners War: Chronicles offers a plethora of content to engage players:
Story Mode: Immerse yourself in an engaging narrative as you embark on quests to restore balance to the realm. Join forces with a cast of memorable characters to overcome challenges and unravel the mysteries of the Summoners War universe.
Monster Battles: Engage in strategic turn-based battles where the selection of monsters, their abilities, and proper tactics are crucial for victory. The game offers a balance of PvE and PvP battles, providing challenges for players of varying preferences.
Monster Collection and Evolution: Collect a wide variety of monsters, each possessing unique skills and attributes. Level up and evolve your monsters to unlock their full potential and create a formidable team.
Guild Activities: Form or join guilds to collaborate with other players. Participate in guild events, Infinite Raid challenges, and Guild Siege Battles to earn rewards and enhance your gameplay experience.
Events and Updates: The game regularly introduces events, updates, and new content to keep players engaged and excited. These events often come with unique rewards and challenges.
Soul Connection and Strategy: The Soul Connection feature allows you to transfer abilities between monsters, enhancing strategic possibilities and adding depth to your team-building strategies.

Summoners War: Chronicles offers an expansive and immersive RPG experience that combines storytelling, strategic battles, and monster collection within the beloved Summoners War universe.