Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy Note 4 not turning on or not charging

This article contains the commonly recommended workarounds and possible solutions to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 issue, in which the device won’t power on or charge.

If you are having the same problem with your Note 4 device, I encourage you to spare a little of your time reading on, for who knows the fix you’ve been searching for is just indicated in this content.

samsung galaxy note 4 wont turn on or charge how toPlease don’t forget to test your device after completing each of the following procedures to see if the problem is fixed. If not, then proceed to the next method until you hopefully get the remedy in the end.

If none of these workarounds would do any good to you, then you should consider other options available to resolve the problem.

1. Check if the battery is flat. Of course, you cannot turn on your phone if the battery is flat. If it is, then charge the battery.

To properly charge the battery, connect the charger to your phone. Wait until the battery charging icon is displayed as this indicates charging is in progress.

It may take a little longer for the battery charging icon to show especially if the device is completely drained. Allow it to charge for at least an hour or so. When the battery is completely charged, you can remove the charger from the wall socket and your phone.

2. Check for battery charging issues. Does your phone charge when you plug in the charger? If not, then it’s likely the reason why your phone won’t power on.

If your phone is not charging, here’s what you can try:

a. Make sure you are using a Samsung-approved battery, battery charger, and USB charger cable for your device.

b. If you are using a wireless charger, make sure it has the Wireless Power Consortium logo and is Qi certified. Here are the things you can try when charging with a wireless charger:

  • Try to charge your device again.
  • Make sure the charging plate is plugged in.
  • Align the device on charging plate until both the phone and charging plate indicate it is charging. If it doesn’t show it’s charging, try to remove any possible obstructions.
  • Leave your device on the charger for at least one minute to make sure it is charging properly.

If the phone doesn’t charge, then you may try using a different charger, (preferably 2.0Amp battery chargers) if available. Charging your device with a 1.0 Amp charger could take more time to fully charge.

3. Try to press the Power button for about 3 to 5 seconds. Doing so will help you determine if the battery is due to certain battery power issues that’s why it does not power on.

4. Try to power on the device while it is connected to the wall charger. Also check if the device and charger display the correct charging/LED indicator. Again, please note that when the battery is extremely low, your display may remain blank for up to 5 minutes before a low battery image displays. In this case, the device usually powers up after 20 minutes of charging.

5. Make sure the SIM card is properly inserted. It’s possible that your phone is not responding or showing a blank or frozen screen.

To eliminate the possibility that a SIM card issue is causing you this trouble, ensure the SIM Card is properly inserted and secured. You may consider removing and re-inserting the SIM card in this case.

The proper way to remove/re-insert SIM card on your Note 4 device is demonstrated below:

a. Make sure the device is completely turned off. Do not attempt the SIM card while your device is on because it could harm the SIM card or the device itself.

b. Locate the notch on the upper left edge of the back cover and then gently pull the battery cover off.

c. Locate the notch in the lower right corner of the battery and then pull the battery out gently.

d. When the battery is out, slide the SIM card out of the Micro SIM card slot.

You may insert the SIM card now or later. If you opt to re-insert it right away, be sure to have the gold contacts faced down and then insert the card notched end first into the Micro SIM card slot. Continue to the next step.

e. After securing the SIM card is positioned properly, align the battery contacts then press the battery into place.

f. Align the battery cover then gently press it into place.

Now try to power on your device. If problem persists, try the next workaround.

5. Try performing a soft reset, if applicable. This can be done by removing then re-inserting the battery after a few seconds.

If the issue remains after performing all the aforementioned workarounds, then you may consider either taking your device to a technician for possible faulty hardware repair or battery replacement.

Otherwise, please contact your phone carrier or Samsung Support to escalate the issue and ask for further assistance and recommendations.

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