A Quick Guide on Setting Up Exchange Email Account on Google Pixel smartphone

Once you have set up an Exchange email account on your Google Pixel phone, you will have the privilege to check corporate or work emails on the go. Should you happen to land into this page while searching for some guide, this content will walk you through the Exchange email setup process on your new Google smartphone.

google pixel pixel exchange email account setup guide

The following steps are deliberately made simpler and easier for the benefit of those who are not yet familiar with the Google Pixel interface.

1. To get started, go the Home screen.

2. Tap the Gmail icon beneath the screen. This will launch and open the email inbox screen.

3. Locate and tap the Menu icon on the upper-left corner of the screen.

Note: A Welcome to Gmail screen will automatically display if no email accounts are set up on your device. If you see this screen, swipe to the left and tap DONE. Otherwise, tap SKIP to skip the intro page then follow the onscreen instructions to setup your email account.

4. Now tap on your existing email account address.

5. Tap on the Add account option.

6. Scroll to and tap to select Exchange from the given options.

7. Enter the email address on the field provided and then tap Next to proceed.

8. Enter the password on the Password field then tap on the Next button.

9. Wait for your device to automatically search for the email settings. Once it found the settings, do the following:

  • Tap to set the Account options and tap Next.
  • Enter an Account name for your email, then tap Next
  • If prompted, tap on the option to Take Me to Gmail. 

Important Notes: 

  • In case your device is unable to find the settings, verify all field entries are correct and then tap Next.
  • Please contact your email provider or the email administrator of your company to verify the correct Exchange server settings to use.
  • If prompted with an error message saying that the Email address or password are incorrect, enter the Username and password again. Make sure you’re entering the correct information this time.

10. Tap the option to set or configure the Account options according to your preferences, then tap Next to continue.

11. Enter an Account Name and tap Next.

12. Your new Exchange email account is now set up and ready for use. You can view or check your work emails from the Home screen by tapping on the Gmail icon.

In case you are not taken to the inbox of your Exchange email, tap the Menu icon, tap the existing email account name, and finally, tap the new Exchange email account name.

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