Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare New Info Leaks before Activision’s set Announcement

New info
leaks about the much-anticipated Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare emerged two
days before Activision’s planned May 4th announcement.
initial trailer for Advanced Warfare starring a CGI Kevin Spacey, reveals all
footage captured from the Xbox One build of the game, hinting gamers of the
action sequences and story elements in the player campaign.
the disclosed trailer, a mini documentary on private military contractors that
offers some hints on the actual game content and themes is also produced by the
Call of Duty publisher and VICE productions team-up.
in the leaked video clip is the campaign storyline that depicts Kevin Spacey, a
fresh from Netflix’s House of Cards, appearing to portray the maniacal owner of
a defense contracting corporation hell dogged on the concept that his company
can aid war-torn countries and restore them to vigor through military force.

Find out more details of the Official
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hot trailer

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