Cannot Update Galaxy S5 Firmware error: Firmware Update Failed [How to restore]

For some
reasons, some owners of the new GS5 handset were unable to update the device’s software/firmware downright. The firmware update is accessible from Samsung
Kies however the update has failed during the process.
Failure to
update a device’s firmware or software could be due to any of the following
1. A lost
connection between the device (GS5) and the computer during the update.
Probably users have accidentally disconnected the handset from the computer.
2. Not
enough battery power to complete the update.
3. Lost
power on the computer during the update.
4. Error
writing to the device.
the conceivable leading causes, make sure both devices (handset and computer)
have enough power or sufficient charge before you start the software upgrade.
In case you are using a laptop, properly plug it into the power supply to
ensure no power interruptions during the update process.
If the
issue is caused by other factors than insufficient charge on both devices, then
you may need to use the Kies Firmware Recovery feature, otherwise known as the
emergency firmware recovery feature of the device.
Kies can recover a device that encountered certain error(s) during an update.
The recovery process will let you finalize an update, in case the update failed
when using your device’s over-the-air feature.
option will only become available if you’ve already initiated a device upgrade
with Samsung Kies and the process was either failed or interrupted. You will
not be able to use this process if the Emergency recovery list does not show
the device connected.
Perform Emergency Firmware Recovery for GS5 with Samsung Kies
Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware Update Failed with Kies Emergency Recovery

Here’s how
to revive your device with Emergency Firmware Recovery Feature, in case it
fails to complete the firmware upgrade.
Step 1. Open/Run the Kies program.
Step 2. Click on Tools.
Step 3. Select Emergency Firmware Recovery. A list of device will then

Devices on this list are only those that require a recovery.

Step 4. Locate and select your device from
the list.
Step 5. A new screen pops up, containing the Recovery code. Take note of this code because you will use this code to
restore your device from another computer.
Step 6. Samsung Kies will then provide you
with the steps to switch your device to recovery mode. Follow these steps to
proceed with emergency recovery.
Step 7. Click on the Start Upgrade button beneath the screen.
should instigate the recovery process.
You can
also use another computer to recover your device (handset). Here’s how:
Step 1. Open the Kies program and click on Tools.
Step 2. Select Emergency Firmware Recovery to continue.
Step 3. Select Emergency Recovery using
the recovery code.
Step 4. Enter the recovery code provided
by the original computer.
Step 5. Switch your handset to recovery mode using the steps provided in Kies.
Step 6. Click on Start Upgrade button to
initiate the recovery process on your device.

Wait until
the Kies completes the entire reviving process to get your handset back in good

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