How to Resolve Delayed SMS on Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Experiencing lag and delays when sending or receiving text messages on your S23 Ultra? Delayed SMS could be caused by weak signal coverage in your area, network congestion or outages at your wireless carrier, software bugs, full storage, or problems with your messaging app.

Identifying the root cause is key to troubleshooting delayed texts efficiently.

Switch Locations to Improve Signal

Move to an area with stronger LTE or 5G signal strength to rule out weak coverage as the reason for delayed sending and delivery of text messages. Weak signals can lead to intermittent drops in connectivity.

Go outdoors or near windows to improve signal reception. Check that you have at least 3 bars of the cellular signal displayed in the status bar.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings erases all connections and cellular data profiles stored on your device and rebuilds them fresh. This can resolve network registration issues causing SMS delays.

Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings. Enter your passcode if prompted and confirm the reset.

Clear Cache and Data for Messaging App

Clearing the cache and app data erases temporary files and settings and resets the messaging app to default. Doing this can fix performance issues or conflicts causing SMS delays.

Go to Settings > Apps > Select your messaging app > Storage > Clear cache and Clear data.

Update Software and Messaging App

Having pending software updates for your S23 Ultra’s OS or outdated versions of the messaging app can also delay SMS. Install updates to fix bugs.

On your phone, go to Settings > Software update and Galaxy Store > Updates to check.

Remove and Reinsert SIM Card

Removing and reinserting the SIM forces re-registration on the cellular network. This may be needed if network connectivity issues are causing delayed sending of texts.

Power off your S23 Ultra, eject the SIM tray, remove and reinsert SIM, and power back on.

If delays persist, contact your wireless carrier regarding network performance in your area, as technical issues on their end could be responsible.


  1. Q: Why are my text messages delayed on my phone?

    A: Delayed SMS typically occurs due to poor cellular signal, network congestion, messaging app glitches, outdated software, or issues with your wireless carrier. Weak signals, network errors, and software bugs can all lead to lag and delays in sending/receiving texts.

  2. Q: How can I troubleshoot and fix delayed text messages on my Android phone?

    A: Try changing locations to improve signal strength. Reset network settings and update your phone software as well as the messaging app. Clear cache/data for the texting app and reinsert the SIM card to re-register the network. Contact your carrier if issues persist, as technical problems on their end can also cause SMS delays.

  3. Q: What are some common causes of delayed text messages?

    A: The most common causes include weak cellular signal, network outages/congestion at the wireless carrier, pending software updates on your phone, SMS app glitches, limited phone storage space, incorrect network settings, and hardware issues like an old or damaged SIM card. Identifying the specific cause is key to resolving delayed SMS problems efficiently.

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