How to Enable International Calling on Galaxy A14

galaxy a14 international calls

Want to make calls abroad from your Galaxy A14, but international calling is disabled? Getting international calls enabled requires contacting your carrier, ensuring your plan supports it, and adjusting phone settings. With the right plan and configuration, your A14 can make calls globally.

galaxy a14 international calls

Confirm International Calling Plan

First, check that your wireless carrier plan actually includes international calling support. Some basic plans only cover domestic.

Contact your carrier’s customer service or log into your account online to confirm your cellular plan has international talk capabilities enabled. Upgrade if needed.

Provide Required Account Info

Carriers may require providing additional account details like social security numbers before enabling international calls.

Give your carrier any requested credentials or documents to validate your identity and have international restrictions removed.

Install Carrier Updates

Your carrier may need to send over-the-air updates to properly enable international calling system-wide. Keep software updated.

Go to Settings > Software update > Download and install to get your carrier’s latest updates which could enable calling.

Disable Domestic Roaming

With roaming enabled domestically, your carrier may block international calls. You can disable roaming domestically.

Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > turn off Domestic roaming to disable roaming within your own country.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

Having airplane mode activated disables all calling, including internationally. Make sure airplane mode is actually off.

Open the quick settings shade and tap the airplane mode tile to turn it off if enabled, allowing mobile connections.

Enter Correct APN Settings

The APN cellular data/MMS settings may need editing to enable international usage. Contact carrier for correct APN.

Under Mobile networks > Access Point Names, check APN settings that match carrier recommendations and edit if incorrect.

Try a Third-Party Dialer App

If carrier settings seem correct, install a third-party dialer from Galaxy Store as a test to see if calls go through.

Download a reputable dialer like Google Phone and set it as default. Test if international calls connect properly using the third-party app.

Travel Abroad with SIM

When traveling internationally with your A14, get a prepaid SIM card for that country to connect to a local carrier and enable direct calling.

Purchasing an international nano SIM in the country you’re visiting provides affordable connectivity and calling.

Use Wi-Fi Calling

You can make international Wi-Fi calls over the Internet using apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime, which bypass carrier restrictions.

When connected to any Wi-Fi network, use the app to directly call international numbers. Disable Wi-Fi to revert to carrier networks.

Getting mobile international calling operational on the Galaxy A14 requires verifying your carrier plan supports it, installing updates, and tweaking network settings as needed. Contact Samsung support if issues persist.


  1. Q: How can I make international calls from my phone?

    A: First, check if your wireless carrier plan supports international calling. Contact them to enable it if disabled. Ensure roaming and airplane mode are off. Enter the correct APN settings provided by your carrier. Install any required software updates. Use Wi-Fi calling.

  2. Q: Why is international calling not working on my phone?

    A: Common reasons are no international coverage in your wireless plan, required account info not provided to the carrier, incorrect network settings like APN, domestic roaming enabled, outdated carrier software, airplane mode activated, third-party dialer app issues, or coverage gaps when traveling abroad.

  3. Q: What do I need to make international calls with my mobile phone?

    A: To enable international calling, you need an international calling-capable cell phone plan from your wireless carrier, valid credentials provided to the carrier, any required carrier updates installed, domestic roaming disabled, correct APN settings entered, airplane mode turned off, and Wi-Fi calling capabilities if traveling.

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