Fixing error message when attempting to download app on Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Some first users of the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha have reported that they kept getting an error message when attempting to download an app on their device. If you too have encountered the same issue, then read on to learn how to get rid of the error.

fixing app download error on samsung galaxy alpha

Before you begin, please note that the following steps are likely applicable if an application failes to download to your phone (even if it’s compatible with your device and with a stable internet connection) after several attempts.

you are trying to download an app from Samsung Apps or Google Play Store, then you’re prompted with an error message, here’s what you should do:

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch Settings.

3. Under Settings, touch Application Manager.

4. Swipe to scroll to the right.

5. Touch the ALL tab.

6. Touch on Samsung Apps if you’re trying to download from Samsung Apps, or Google Play if you’re trying to download an app from the Play Store.

7. In the next screen (of Samsung Apps or Play Store), touch Clear data.

8. Touch OK, to initiate clearing the Apps cache and data.

9. Reboot your phone.

10. Re-open Samsung Apps or Google Play Store and retry downloading of the app you want.

If error continues to prompt or the app still won’t download, then please try it some time later, otherwise please contact Samsung support to escalate the issue for further assistance. Don’t forget to take note of the error message/code you are getting, so it would be easier/faster troubleshooting with customer support.

If you are attempting to download an app via mobile data connection, please ensure your data allowance hasn’t been consumed or used up. Because if you have reached your data allowance limit, you won’t be able to download anything over a mobile data connection.

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