iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Basics on Multi-tasking via Home Screen

The iPhone 6
interface allows you to manage several tasks at the same time. In this guide,
we will tackle the basic multitasking functions and Home screen
features/options you can use on your new iOS smartphone.


multi tasking guide on iphone 6 iphone6 plus

All the
applications that come with the iPhone as well as the apps you download from
the Apps Store can be accessed on the Home screen. To use any of these apps,
get to the Home screen and tap to open that application. To see other screens,
just swipe right or left of the Home screen.


Multitasking on your iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Home Screen

To view the
multi-tasking screen, double-tap the Home button, then swipe left or right to
view more. You can also switch between apps by simply tapping on them.

Another thing you
can do while using certain apps or functions, is connecting with a recent or
favorite contact. To do so, just tap on the contact’s picture or name, then
tap to select the method of communication you prefer.

To find and open
more apps (in case you’ve lots of apps stored in your iPhone), you can use
Spotlight to do the search for you. You can see the search field by pulling
down the center of the Home screen.

Here’s what you can
do with the iPhone 6 multitasking capability:


  1. Swipe to scroll
    quickly between apps/screens.
  2. Drag a list up or down to
    view more options.
  3. Touch the screen
    to stop.
  4. Tap a letter to
    jump ahead of an index.
  5. Drag a photo,
    webpage or map in different direction to view more options.
  6. Tap the status bar on top of
    the screen to quickly jump to the top of a page.
  7. Zoom a photo,
    webpage or map in or out.
  8. Pinch a photo to
    view the collection or album where it’s in.
  9. Double-tap a
    photo or webpage to zoom in or out.
  10. Double-tap to
    zoom in an area on Maps and tap once with two fingers to zoom out.

Changing Screen Orientation on iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

You can also
change the screen orientation to portrait or landscape, by simply
rotating your iPhone.

* Portrait
– swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control
Center and then tap to lock the screen in portrait view or orientation. You
will that the screen is locked in portrait when the Portrait orientation lock
icon shows in the status bar when the screen orientation is locked.

When using your
iPhone 6 in portrait orientation, several applications give you a different

* Landscape
– when your iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus is set in landscape
orientation, you will see some applications have special layouts. Among
these apps include Messages, Calendar, Notes, Weather, Mail, Settings,
Contacts, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Reminders.

We’ll be covering
more of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen options/settings in our next
posts soon in this site. Please keep posted.


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