How to Fix Galaxy A14 Stuck on Boot Screen

galaxy a14 stuck in boot screen

Seeing your Samsung Galaxy A14 gets stuck on the boot screen when powering on can certainly be worrying. A few common issues tend to cause a Galaxy A14 to get stuck on the boot screen during startup, including corrupted system files, apps conflicting with the boot process, hardware issues, or full storage. Pinpointing the cause requires methodically working through several troubleshooting steps.

galaxy a14 stuck in boot screen

Boot into Safe Mode

Safe mode starts your phone with only the essential apps and services. If your A14 successfully boots in safe mode, it indicates an app or software issue rather than hardware.

Press and hold the Power button to turn off your phone. Then press and hold Volume Down and Power together until the Samsung logo appears. Keep holding until “Safe mode” appears in the lower left. In safe mode, see if you can boot normally without issues.

Booting successfully in safe mode means conflicting apps, or software are likely causing the stuck boot screen in regular mode.

Wipe Cache Partition

The cache partition can become corrupted over time leading to performance issues and crashing. Wiping this can clear software errors preventing a normal boot.

With your phone powered off, press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons together until recovery mode is entered. Use the volume keys to highlight the Wipe cache partition and press Power to select it. Confirm the wipe and reboot to see if it helped.

A successful boot after wiping the cache partition indicates software errors were resolved.

Check for Physical Damage

It’s important to inspect your Galaxy A14 thoroughly for any signs of physical damage that could cause boot problems. Carefully look over the entire device, including ports, buttons, speakers, etc.

Pay attention to liquid damage corrosion, bent/pinched cables, cracked motherboard, camera module disconnection, or battery swelling. Any of these physical issues can prevent a normal system boot.

If physical damage is ruled out, then the cause is likely software or app related instead.

Boot into Download Mode

Booting your A14 into download mode lets you access recovery and maintenance options not available in normal mode. If you can enter download mode, it means the core hardware is likely okay.

With your phone off, press and hold Home + Volume Down + Power until the download mode boots. Navigate using the volume keys and select options using power. See if you can access recovery options from here.

If the download mode boots successfully, it indicates the primary hardware components are functioning normally, and troubleshooting should focus on software and app issues.

Backup Data and Factory Reset

If no other troubleshooting steps have resolved the stuck boot screen, performing a factory data reset may be necessary. This will wipe your Galaxy A14 back to factory settings.

First, boot into recovery if possible and back up data before resetting. Then choose Factory data reset and follow the prompts to perform the reset. This will erase all data but often fixes software errors causing boot problems.

Factory reset as a last resort can overcome stubborn stuck boot screen issues caused by corrupt software files and conflicts.

Test External Display

It’s also a good idea to test your Galaxy A14 on an external display monitor. Connect the phone using an HDMI adapter cable to a TV or monitor.

If the phone boots normally and displays properly on the external display, it indicates an issue with the phone’s LCD display panel rather than a primary hardware failure.

Successfully displaying on external monitors points to a screen-related issue rather than a full system failure.

Check for Software Updates

Installing the latest software updates for your Galaxy A14 can potentially fix bugs causing boot failures. Use a computer to download the latest firmware package for your specific A14 model and flash it manually.

Find your model number under Settings > About phone. Then go to and search for the proper firmware file to flash using Odin. Flashing updated system software can overcome boot screen freezing in some cases.

Software updates often resolve compatibility issues that can interfere with the boot process.

Following these troubleshooting steps should help reveal the cause for a Galaxy A14 getting stuck on the boot logo. Take a methodical approach to diagnosing the issue. The solution could end up being a simple app conflict, software glitch, or minor hardware replacement needed to get your phone booting properly again.


  1. Q: Why does my phone get stuck on the boot screen when I try to turn it on?

    A: Common causes are corrupted files, app conflicts, hardware issues, full storage, or software glitches that prevent the operating system from loading properly.

  2. Q: How can I fix my phone that is stuck on the boot logo and won’t progress to the home screen?

    A: Try booting in safe mode, wiping the cache partition, checking for physical damage, entering download mode for recovery options, or performing a factory reset to overcome software issues causing boot problems.

  3. Q: What should I do if my phone shows the boot screen animation but never fully loads the operating system?

    A: Inspect for hardware damage, boot into recovery to wipe cache and reset data, flash updated firmware, or connect to an external display to check if the screen is faulty. Going through troubleshooting steps will reveal the cause.