How to Fix Galaxy Watch5 Screen Not Turning On

galaxy watch5 screen not turning on

Is your Galaxy Watch5’s screen remaining black and unresponsive when you try to turn it on? A blank, dead display is always concerning but solvable in most cases. Typical causes for the screen not powering on include a discharged battery, software crashes, hardware key issues, and display connector problems. Methodically troubleshooting the various potential factors can get your Watch5 screen illuminating again.

galaxy watch5 screen not turning on

A Galaxy Watch5 with a blank display often points to battery problems, memory errors, touch input failure, faulty cables or connectors, or general electronic malfunctions that prevent the screen from lighting up as expected. By checking each of these common issues one by one, you can isolate the reason for the inactive display.

Check if Watch is Charging

Start by inspecting the charging status. Place the Watch5 on its wireless charger. The charging indicator should appear if the battery is depleted.

On the charger, the Watch5 should display the wireless charging symbol or battery percentage when functioning normally. Leave it charging for at least 30 minutes to provide sufficient power.

Confirming whether charging is occurring properly when the Watch5 is placed on its charger provides clues to whether the blank screen stems from a fully drained battery.

  1. Place Watch5 on a wireless charging dock
  2. Check the display for the charging symbol
  3. Leave charging for 30 minutes minimum

Force Restart the Watch

If the battery is charged, but the screen won’t turn on, a software glitch or crash could be responsible. Restarting may clear up the issue.

Press and hold the Watch5’s power/home key for over 10 seconds until you feel vibration pulses, indicating a forced restart. The Samsung logo should appear as it reboots.

Restarting provides a simple way to reload the Watch5’s software and reset any temporary glitches preventing the display from activating as expected.

  1. Press and hold the power/home key for 10+ seconds
  2. Keep holding through vibration pulses
  3. The watch should turn on and display the Samsung logo

Update Software via the Companion App

Outdated or buggy firmware could also be a factor. Use the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone to install the latest Watch5 software updates.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your synced phone and check for any available software updates for your Watch5. Tap to download and install for bug fixes.

Updating to the newest Watch5 firmware eliminates any display issues caused by software bugs and incompatibilities that may be corrected in updates.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the phone
  2. Check for Watch5 software updates
  3. Install any available updates

Try Different Charger

If your Watch5 isn’t charging properly, it could leave the battery too low to turn on the display. Try charging with a different wireless dock.

Place your Watch5 on another certified Samsung wireless charging dock, if available, to see if your original charger is faulty and unable to provide sufficient power.

Testing with alternate charge docks determines whether charging failure due to a faulty dock could be preventing your Galaxy Watch5’s display from turning on.

  1. Obtain a different Samsung wireless charging dock
  2. Place Watch5 on the alternate charger
  3. Check if the display activates now

Get Diagnostic Testing

If other troubleshooting fails, have the Watch5 inspected by a repair technician to diagnose potential electronic faults with the display.

Take your Watch5 to a Samsung-authorized repair center for advanced diagnostics on the internal hardware. They can identify any display connector, board, or component issues preventing normal function.

When software troubleshooting options are exhausted, professional electronics testing can determine hardware faults responsible for the Galaxy Watch5’s screen failing to illuminate.

  1. Take Watch5 to a repair shop
  2. Have technicians run diagnostics
  3. Repair identified electronic issues

With persistent structured troubleshooting, you should be able to resurrect your Galaxy Watch5’s unresponsive black screen and determine if the culprit was software, battery, or hardware related.


  1. Q: Why did my Galaxy Watch5 screen suddenly stop turning on?

    A: Common causes for a Galaxy Watch5 display that won’t turn on are an empty battery, software crashes that cause freezing, failed power button, disconnected display cables, and other electronic component malfunctions. Determining the specific issue requires methodical troubleshooting.

  2. Q: How can I get my Watch5’s screen to turn on if it remains black when I press the power button?

    A: First, make sure the battery isn’t depleted by placing it on the charger for at least 30 minutes. Try force restarting by long pressing the power button. Check for software updates in the companion app. Visually inspect display connectors. If hardware issues are suspected, seek professional electronics testing and repair.

  3. Q: What should I do if my Watch5 won’t charge or turn on even after leaving it on the wireless charger overnight?

    A: An unresponsive Watch5 that won’t charge or display anything indicates a hardware problem if software troubleshooting doesn’t resolve it. Take it to a repair shop for diagnosis. The internal battery, display connectors, motherboard, or other components may be defective and need replacement to restore proper functioning. Don’t attempt to DIY open or repair the Watch5 yourself.