How to Resolve Fitbit Not Connecting to Phone

fitbit not connecting to phone

Is your Fitbit fitness tracker failing to connect and sync with your smartphone? This can prevent you from syncing activity data, receiving notifications, updating firmware, and fully utilizing your Fitbit. Thankfully, troubleshooting connection issues is feasible in most cases.

fitbit not connecting to phone

Typical causes include:

  • Bluetooth problems – Interference or incorrect settings disrupting the Bluetooth connection between Fitbit and phone.
  • Software bugs – Outdated app or firmware issues are preventing proper syncing over Bluetooth.
  • Incorrect app settings – Disabled permissions or incorrect sync configurations in the app.
  • Wireless interference – Nearby electronics are cluttering the wireless channels used by Bluetooth.
  • Hardware defects – Faulty Bluetooth radio or antenna inside the Fitbit device.

A Fitbit that is unable to connect with your phone is typically prevented by wireless interference, outdated app software, disabled permissions, incorrect sync settings, incompatibility issues, or hardware defects. Methodically checking each potential cause allows you to isolate and resolve the specific connection problem.

Ensure Bluetooth is On

Fitbit trackers sync to phones via Bluetooth. If your phone’s Bluetooth is disabled, connection attempts will fail. Make sure it is turned on.

On your phone, check the Bluetooth settings and ensure Bluetooth is enabled. Tap the Fitbit tracker entry and make sure it is paired properly. Verifying Bluetooth is active, and the Fitbit tracker is properly paired establishes the preliminary sync connection requirements.

  1. Open phone Settings
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings
  3. Check if Bluetooth is enabled
  4. Make sure Fitbit is paired

Update Fitbit App

An outdated Fitbit mobile app can suffer from bugs preventing successful sync connections. Install updates if available.

Open the Play Store / App Store on your phone and go to the Fitbit app page. Check if any pending app updates are available. Update to the latest version. Keeping your Fitbit mobile app up-to-date will ensure maximum compatibility and fix any known Bluetooth connection bugs.

  1. On your phone, open the app store
  2. Go to the Fitbit app store page
  3. Install any pending Fitbit app updates

Restart Phone and Fitbit Device

Small temporary glitches can sometimes break connectivity. Restarting both devices resets connections.

Power cycle your phone completely by turning it off, waiting 30 seconds, and powering back on. Restart your Fitbit tracker as well, according to device instructions. Restarting clears up any transient connectivity issues between devices and gives a clean slate for resyncing.

  1. Turn the phone off completely
  2. After 30+ seconds, turn the phone on
  3. Also, restart your Fitbit tracker
  4. Try reconnecting

Following these troubleshooting steps should help identify and resolve the specific factor preventing your Fitbit tracker from maintaining a solid Bluetooth connection with your phone for activity syncing and notifications.


  1. Q: Why is my Fitbit tracker unable to pair or connect with my smartphone via Bluetooth?

    A: Common causes for Fitbits failing to connect to phones are incorrect Bluetooth settings, outdated app software bugs, wireless interference, disabled sync permissions, improper app configuration, damaged or faulty hardware, and potential compatibility issues between specific Fitbit models and phones.

  2. Q: How can I troubleshoot my Fitbit continuously losing connection to my phone?

    A: Start by ensuring Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and they are paired. Update the Fitbit app and sync settings. Toggle Bluetooth off and on to reset the connection. Move away from sources of wireless interference. Restart both phone and Fitbit. Check for hardware damage. Contact Fitbit Support for further assistance if needed.

  3. Q: What should I do if my Fitbit pairs with my phone but won’t sync data like steps or sleep?

    A: If your Fitbit connects but won’t sync properly, first restart both devices and ensure the Fitbit app has all required permissions enabled. Reconfigure the sync settings according to Fitbit’s help guides. Look for an app or firmware update. If connection issues persist, contact Fitbit Support to determine if a hardware defect requires replacement under warranty.