Get Ready to Upgrade: New iPad Models Rumored for Late March Launch

Get Ready to Upgrade: New iPad Models Rumored for Late March Launch

Brace yourselves for a potential refresh of the entire iPad lineup, with a rumored launch date set for late March 2024. This exciting news comes after a quiet 2023 for the iPad, leaving many fans eager for Apple’s next move. If the latest reports are accurate, we’re in for a treat, with upgrades across all iPad tiers, from the entry-level model to the professional iPad Pro.

Get Ready to Upgrade: New iPad Models Rumored for Late March Launch

A Feast of Updates for All

The rumored iPad refresh promises something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of what we might expect:

  • Pro Powerhouse: The iPad Pro is poised to receive a significant upgrade, potentially sporting the M3 chip for a performance boost. Additionally, whispers of an OLED display hint at a leap in visual fidelity, offering deeper blacks and vibrant colors. Landscape Face ID could also find its way onto the Pro, making it more convenient for multitasking and creative work.
  • Air on the Rise: The popular iPad Air is expected to join the party, potentially gaining a larger display size for a more immersive experience. This could position it as an even more compelling alternative to the Pro for users who prioritize portability without needing the absolute top-tier power.
  • Base Boost: Even the entry-level iPad isn’t forgotten. Rumors suggest a potential design refresh, possibly with a thinner bezel and a brighter display. This could make the iPad even more attractive as an affordable and versatile option for students, casual users, and those looking for a secondary device.

More Than Just Hardware

The iPad refresh is likely to extend beyond just the hardware. Hints within the iOS 17.4 beta suggest new accessories, including Magic Keyboards and Apple Pencils, designed to complement the upgraded iPads.

This could further solidify the iPad’s position as a true productivity and creative powerhouse, capable of taking on a wider range of tasks than ever before.

Expected Pricing?

Apple typically keeps their pricing under wraps until the official announcement, which is likely to happen closer to the rumored launch date in late March. However, based on past trends and rumors, we can make some educated guesses:

iPad Pro:

  • M3 chip & OLED display: This significant upgrade could lead to a price hike compared to the current iPad Pro models. Estimates range from $1299 for the 11-inch version to $1599 for the 12.9-inch, potentially exceeding the starting price of some MacBook Air configurations.
  • Storage & accessories: Storage tiers and the addition of new accessories like a Magic Keyboard with landscape Face ID will also impact the final price.

iPad Air:

  • Larger display: If the rumors of a 12.9-inch iPad Air are true, it might be priced closer to the current 11-inch iPad Pro ($799), potentially starting around $749 or $799.
  • M2 chip: The current iPad Air with the M1 chip starts at $599, so the M2 chip upgrade might bring a slight increase, possibly landing between $649 and $699.

Entry-level iPad:

  • Design refresh: This update might not significantly impact the price, which currently starts at $329. However, if Apple introduces additional features like a Touch ID sensor or a better camera, a slight increase is possible.


  • Expect a price increase for the iPad Pro, potentially starting at $1299 for the 11-inch and $1599 for the 12.9-inch.
  • The iPad Air might see a slight bump depending on the display size and chip upgrade, possibly starting around $649 or $749.
  • The entry-level iPad might stay around its current price point of $329.

These are just estimates based on rumors and past trends. The actual pricing will be revealed when Apple officially announces the new iPads in March.

Remember: These are just educated guesses, and the actual pricing might be different. Stay tuned for the official announcement for the final word on the cost of the new iPad models.

A Long-Awaited Return to Form

2023 saw a surprising lack of iPad updates, leaving many fans wondering what Apple had in store. This rumored March launch could be a much-anticipated return to form, showcasing Apple’s continued commitment to the iPad platform.

With a variety of upgrades across the lineup, from performance boosts to display improvements and potentially new design elements, the iPad is poised to regain its momentum and solidify its place as a versatile and essential device for countless users.

Mark Your Calendars and Stay Tuned

While the exact details remain under wraps, the late March launch window seems increasingly likely. Keep your eyes peeled for official invites in the coming weeks, and be prepared to witness a potentially transformative chapter for the iPad.

Whether you’re a seasoned iPad pro or a curious newcomer, this refresh promises something for everyone. So, get ready to experience the next generation of Apple’s iconic tablet, and prepare to be amazed.