Google Pixel 8 / 8 Pro Leaks before Official Launch

Google Pixel 8 Pro Leaks

In an unexpected turn of events, Google has inadvertently unveiled its upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro through a rather unconventional source. Contrary to the usual suspects of anonymous leakers or obscure blogs, this time, Google itself took the spotlight.

New Google Pixel 8 Pro Leaks

The accidental revelation occurred when an image of the phone surfaced on a “subscriptions and services” webpage, which was swiftly noticed by vigilant Twitter user Android Setting (as reported by Mishaal Rahman and The Verge).

Pixel 8 Pro Image Leak

The image showcases a typical lifestyle shot of a Pixel-esque phone, albeit with some noteworthy design deviations from the Pixel 7 Pro. Most prominently, the camera lens takes on a distinctive long oval shape, aligning with recent Pixel 8 leaks.

Additionally, there’s a fresh addition to the color palette with a new beige variant.

Notably, Rahman spotted the alt text description accompanying the image, which unequivocally labels it as “a person takes a call on the Pixel 8 Pro in Porcelain, thus confirming its identity as the upcoming Google phone.

Although Google promptly removed the page, preventing any archiving attempts, the image’s credibility remains intact, resembling the typical promotional shots disseminated to the media during product launches.

Pixel 8 Camera Design

While the updated camera design had already made its way into the rumor mill, the revelation of the new Porcelain color adds a refreshing twist and underscores Google’s penchant for autumnal pastel shades. In other speculations, the Pixel 8 display is anticipated to feature a higher refresh rate, potentially reaching up to 120Hz, outperforming its predecessor. Furthermore, the Pixel 8 Pro is rumored to boast an improved brightness capability of up to 1600 nits.

New Pixel Watch?

What adds intrigue to the leaked image is the presence of a person wearing a Pixel Watch while holding the Pixel 8. Although the wearable is only partially visible, it raises curiosity about whether this is the anticipated Pixel Watch 2.

Speculation suggests that the watch may feature a slightly slimmer profile compared to the current Google smartwatch.

Given the likelihood of a joint launch in October, it would be logical for Google to feature the new timepiece alongside the Pixel 8 in its promotional materials. More details will undoubtedly emerge in the coming weeks.

Google Pixel 8 Battery Life

Battery Life Enhancements

For Pixel 7 users grappling with battery life issues following two summer updates, the anticipation for Google’s new phone couldn’t be higher. The root cause of these problems, whether stemming from the Tensor chipset’s efficiency or a software update quirk, remains unclear.

Nonetheless, the promise of an enhanced processor and extended software support from Google brings hope to Pixel 7 owners facing battery-related challenges.”