How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Facebook Messenger constantly crashing after update

Though this problem in which the Facebook Messenger crashes often, may not have manifested among the vast number of Facebook users, there are some who have experienced it. The issue started to emerge after updating the Messenger app to the latest version through Google Play Store. After doing so, an error message keeps popping on their screen, saying “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped.”

Facebook Messenger keeps crashing on Galaxy Note5

Errors like this are often tied to an application that is somehow corrupted, and are often get fixed by clearing the apps cache and data. This can usually happen after an update has been installed. In some cases, others would resort to uninstalling and then re-installing the app itself and would luckily end up with an error-free app afterwards.

Nevertheless, the Messenger error turns out to be a different story. After digging through various online resources in effort to find any possible solutions, we’ve bumped into a forum thread that contains a recommended procedure which one Facebook Messenger user claimed to work on his end.

According to him, clearing the apps cache and data did not fix the problem as the “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped” error remains after performing these methods. As per suggestion by another forum poster, he also tried to re-install the app. But that didn’t fix the problem either.

As ultimate solution, he tried opting out from the Messenger beta tester, and opt-in again after Facebook resolved the main culprit that has triggered Messenger to crash.

As explained on the Facebook Help Center, it was found that the problem happens to those who opted to use the beta version of Messenger for Android. It was a test version for the application that is made available in the Play Store.

So if you are having the same problem, you might as well try to verify if you’re using the beta version of Facebook Messenger. Once verified, try to leave the beta program by going to the Play Store and then tap the Leave the test option. After that, uninstall the test version of the Messenger app from your Galaxy Note 5. Once you have completed these procedures, you will no longer be a tester for the beta version of the Messenger app. By then you can install the regular public version of Messenger from the Play Store.

What is the Beta Version of Messenger for Android?

You may ask what’s this Messenger beta version and how to test it on your Android phone. So here’s a brief information on it.

The Messenger for Android Beta program offers Android phone users of Messenger access to the latest test version of the application. Once you opt-in to this program you’ll be able to see new features of the app before anyone else. You can also give feedback to help developers shape the evolution of Messenger, thus helping them build a better app.

After you join the program, you will be asked to download the Messenger app from the Play Store. Doing so will update your app. Next, you will be required to enable or turn on automatic updates, as the beta version of Messenger will be updated several times in weekly basis.

You will stay in the beta tester until you leave the program. This means your Messenger app will keep getting updates automatically. That said, you’re likewise prone to encountering potential issues brought by a recently released update to the application.

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