How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Alpha Overheating Problem

Learn what to do and avoid if your Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone easily gets warm or overheats.

fix overheating problem samsung galaxy alpha

There are many factors that can make a device like Samsung Galaxy Alpha feel warm with heavy use as the most common. Other cases of overheating include multiple apps running in the background, streaming media, playing games, as well as tethering or mobile hotspot.

A device can also become warm if you exposed it to extreme heat like leaving it in the car or direct sunlight. To prevent your phone from overheating due to direct sunlight exposure, it is recommended to keep it cool down in a room temperature for a few hours before using it again.

In addition, poor reception or signal strength is also one factor that can trigger your phone to overheat. This is because the device needs to work harder to acquire a better connection.

When the phone gets extremely warm or overheats, there is a bigger chances of it to dysfunction. This is where device issues like freezing or becoming unresponsive takes place.

Recommended workarounds to deal with overheating issues on your Galaxy Alpha smartphone:

1. Check your battery or charging accessories and ensure they are also a Samsung OEM and not third-party accessories.

2. Check your phone, charger and USB cable and ensure there is no physical or liquid damage.

3. Check the battery, battery compartments, as well as USB connections for any corrosion or bent pins. Have it checked by an authorized technician should you see any visible damages to any of these components.

4. Check the LDI or Liquid Damage Indicator of your phone located in the battery well and on the battery itself. These indicators should appear solid white or white with visible pink/purple Xs. Other than that appearance is no good. For example, the LDI appears solid pink/purple/red, which means the phone has been exposed to moisture and that it’s possibly water-damaged.

5. Check the battery and make sure the connectors are not bent, broken, corroded, or pushed in.

6. If you think the overheating is due to several applications running in the background, tap the Task Manager key to view all running apps and then tap Close All to close all apps in the drawer that are not in used.

7. Diagnose your phone in Safe Mode. Some third-party applications can also be the culprit. In this case, you can boot your phone into Safe Mode and see if the overheating problem persists or stops. If it’s gone, then you may consider uninstalling recently installed apps. However, if the problem remains while in Safe Mode, it’s possible that a hardware damage is existing and is causing you this problem. This is when you should contact your carrier or Samsung Support for further assistance.

Other Helpful Workarounds

Aside from working on the phone’s charging or battery components, other incidents of overheating issues were dealt by configuring some settings on your phone. Here’s what other Galaxy Alpha users did to deal with overheating problem on their device:

  • Power cycle or reboot the phone.
  • Disable Dynamic perspective feature. Go to Settings-> Display-> Configure Low Motion Settings and disable or turn off Dynamic perspective.
  • Update Device software. Go to Settings-> Device-> Install system updates -> Check Now.
Overheating problem has been recognized by Samsung among other issues plaguing the Galaxy Alpha. In response, Samsung has rolled out fixes and performance enhancement through software update. So make sure your device runs the latest software update available.

Important Notes:

Stop using your device if it is already too hot to keep in contact with your skin. Also, never try to charge or use it in this state. Handling of damaged or leaking battery is also highly discouraged as it poses significant risks to anyone exposed.

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