How to Format Memory Card on Samsung Galaxy S5

This guide is intended for those Galaxy S5 users who need help in formatting the memory card on their phone.

Formatting is the fastest way to delete files stored on a device’s internal or external memory, when either memory becomes full.

Format Memory Card Galaxy S5

If you are one of those who need help in doing so, please note that when you format the memory card, all data stored on it will be removed permanently. In short, the process will empty the memory card completely.

Follow these steps to get through the entire process of formatting the memory card on your GS 5 handset:

1. Go to the Home screen and touch Apps to begin.

2. Touch Settings next.

3. Under the Settings screen, scroll to and touch Storage.

4. Under Storage, scroll to the bottom screen and touch to select option to Format SD card. Choosing this option will initiate complete deletion of all files stored on SD card, including music and photos.

5. The next screen (Format SD card) will display, telling you that,  “Data cannot be recovered after SD card is cleared.” Touch the Format SD card button to continue.

6. Touch Delete All button on the next screen.

Wait until the device completes the entire formatting process. Once finished, you can check on the SD (memory) card’s current available space.

That should do it.

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