Samsung Galaxy S5 Cannot Connect to the Internet [How to resolve]

This content is aimed at resolving connectivity issue on the Galaxy S5 that is unable to connect to the Internet.

Galaxy S5 Internet Problem Troubleshooting Guide

Many GS 5 users have reported they were having trouble connecting the Internet with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Some said they could not access online sites using the phone’s Internet or Chrome browser, and were prompted with the following error messages:

1. “Web page not avaible.”
2. “Cannot connect to the Internet.”
3. “Unable to connect to the Internet.”
4. “No network connection.”

What should be done when you encounter the same problem with your phone while attempting to access the Internet?

A. Determine/Identify Possible Causes

In order to obtain higher chances of getting the problem solved right away, we suggest you to first identify or determine the possible reason as to why the problem occurs on the device.

Network or Internet Issues are often due to the following factors:

1. Inactive account or account is incorrectly set up.
2. Network outage occuring in your place.
3. Poor Wi-Fi network.
4. Physical or liquid damage on the phone.
5. Airplane mode is enabled or active.
6. Inconsistent/intermittent network connecction.
7. Outdated device software.
8. Mobile data is disabled or turned off.
9. When you are roaming and roaming is set to not use data when roaming.
10. Device is unlocked, rooted or not supported by your network carrier or ISP.

B. Isolate Problem

After identifying the possible causes, the next thing you should do is to isolate the problem. Here are the methods to find out what exactly is causing you some trouble connecting to the Internet with your mobile device.

1. To ensure the problem is not due to a delinquent account status, verify your account is in good standing. Please contact your carrier and verify your account status and see if you are getting the correct data plan.

2. In case you haven’t been able to connect to mobile data on your phone, contant your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and check if your account is provisioned correctly.

3. If you encounter the problem only when you’re in a certain area, please check with ISP for coverage in the area you are experiencing connectivity issues. It could be that you’re already out of the network range.

4. Check your device for any possible liquid or physical damage, barring it from connecting to the Internet. Make sure it has not been damaged by getting wet or exposing to moisture or by dropping.

5. Configure Wi-Fi settings and make sure it is DISABLED or turned OFF. Please note that when you are connected to a Wi-Fi access point, your phone will not connect to the mobile data network. To turn Wi-Fi off on your device, follow these steps:

a. Touch Menu from the Home screen.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Select Connections.
d. Touch Wi-fi.
e. Check the Wi-Fi slider next to Wi-Fi and touch it to turn Wi-Fi OFF.

6. Check the phone’s Airplane mode and make sure it is OFF or disabled. To do so, press and hold the Power button for on to two seconds. If Airplane mode is disabled, you will see Airplane mode is OFF. Otherwise, you’re gonna need to touch Airplane mode to turn this feature OFF.

7. If you think your device software needs update, then check for any available software update for your phone model at Samsung website.

8. If your phone is rooted, an unlocked device or not supported by your carrier, you may need to manually configure and enter the APN settings. We sugges you contact your network carrier or ISP for the correct APN settings.

C. More Resolution Methods

If problem persists after completing the aforesaid methods, continue to the following steps:

1. Re-establish network connection with your mobile network. Do this by removing the battery with the device still ON. Wait until 30 seconds, then replace the battery and turn the device back ON. Allow your phone to establish connection to the network for a few moments and try if you can now access the Internet.

2. Try to connect to mobile data by opening either browser on your phone. To do so, touch Apps and select Internet or Chrome, then navigate to a webpage or website.

If problem still continues, try to reset your phone’s APN or Access Point Name settings.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.
2. Touch Settings.
3. Touch Connections.
4. Select More networks.
5. Touch Mobile Networks.
6. Select Access Point Names.
7. Touch Menu.
8. Select Reset to default.
9. Wait until the APN settings reset is completed and then try to connect to mobile data by opening either browser (Internet or Chrome) on your device.

Hope this helps.

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