How to Import PDF File to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 S Note

You can import a PDF file so you can edit or make some changes on it with the S-Note on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

how to import pdf on galaxy note 10.1 s note

Before anything else, make sure your Galaxy Note 10.1 is running the latest software version available. Better check it first from the Build Number on your device settings. Just go to Settings, and then select About Phone. You should then see details on software update status, along with legal information. The Build number is found below the page.

Once you’ve verified your device software is updated, you can now begin with these steps:

1. Launch or open S-Note from the Application list.

2. Tap on Sub-menu.

3. Select Import.

4. Select PDF from the given file-type options.

5. Locate the PDF file you want to be imported in the S-Note from the device directory, then select the file. Once the file is selected, import process will also initiate. You will see a progress bar that indicates the percentage of file being imported. Just wait until import completes.

6. When importing is done, you should see the PDF file is already imported on the S-Note library.

Now that you already have imported the PDF file in the S-Note library, you may now run it and start making or adding notes on it, place some marks, highlight important contents, and other text file editing actions, just like a normal reader does to a textbook. You can also add or enter texts with the Samsung keypad, either by selecting alphanumeric keys or writing on the screen.

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