My Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t start up [Troubleshooting Guide]

Normally, smartphones like the Galaxy S4 would only require a correct PIN entry to start up. However, if for some reasons you cannot start up your phone with your PIN, then it denotes something has to be fixed.

samsung galaxy s4 wont start up how to

This content elaborates the recommended methods or workarounds to troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy S4 device that won’t start up. You may use this troubleshooting guide whenever you need it.

But before you start performing the steps provided in this guide, be sure to check on important thing. And that is, if you can power your phone on? It is very important to know beforehand if you can turn on your phone, so you will be guided accordingly on what to resolve first.

If you cannot turn on your phone, then you need to resolve that problem first, as it could be the main reason as to why you cannot start up your device.

But if you can turn on your phone, then you may proceed with the following steps right away. Be sure to test your phone after completing each step to find out if the issue is already fixed. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

1. Check your SIM and make sure it is not blocked.

One of the possible reasons why your phone won’t start up is due to your SIM card that is blocked. This happens when you’ve entered an incorrect PUK in a row, thus blocking your SIM permanently.

There is only one thing you can do if this is the case. You need to have a new SIM. Please contact your phone carrier for further assistance on how to get a new SIM to replace the original SIM on your Galaxy S4 that is blocked.

2. Make sure you are entering the correct PIN. 

Your PIN will be used to protect your SIM from unauthorized use. Please note that if you enter an incorrect PIN three times in a row, it will result to your SIM to be blocked.

Your phone won’t and can’t start up if the wrong PIN is entered. So be sure to key in the correct PIN. Follow these steps to ensure you’re doing it the way it should be done:

a. Turn your phone on and off. After a few moments, turn it back on. In case you’re removed the SIM and battery in your phone, be sure to insert the SIM and battery before you turn it on. Just press the On/Off button until the device powers on.

b. Now enter your correct PIN and press OK. If your phone rejects the SIM, then please contact your service provider or distributor where you purchased your phone for further assistance.

3. If your phone is asking for a PUK, key in the correct PUK.

In this case, you need to contact your phone carrier first and ask for a PUK code to unlock your SIM and start up your phone. Never attempt to enter a PUK code if you are not sure it is the correct one.

4. Verify if your phone is network locked. 

If you are getting an error prompt telling you that your SIM is invalid, it means that your phone is locked to a certain network and that you cannot use a SIM from another operator.

In order to use a SIM from another operator, you would need to unlock your phone using a valid unlock code. You can get the unlock code from your network carrier.

5. Verify if your phone lock code is turned on or enabled. 

When enabled, the phone lock code will protect your device from unauthorized users. And when it is enabled, you would be required to enter the correct lock code every time you turn on your device, and when it has been in sleep mode.

If you don’t want to use phone lock code on your device, then just turn it off. Here’s how to enable/disable phone lock code on your Galaxy S4:

a. Go to the Home screen, then slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge.

b. Now, tap on the Settings icon (wheel-shaped icon) on the upper-right corner.

c. Tap on My Device tab in the next screen.

d. Tap Lock screen to continue.

e. Touch to select Screen Lock.

f. Create or set up a phone lock as you desire. You can use a pattern or a PIN as your phone lock code.

To create a phone lock code using a pattern, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Pattern.
  • Press and drag a point to connect at least four points.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • Repeat the selected phone lock code (pattern) to confirm.
  • Now enter a four-digit PIN and tap on Continue.
  • Enter the PIN again and tap on OK.

To create a phone lock code using a PIN, follow these steps:

  • Tap on PIN.
  • Enter the required phone lock code and tap on Continue.
  • Enter the phone lock code again and tap on OK.

If you don’t want to use any phone lock code, just tap on None.

Go back to the Home screen and your recent changes to your phone’s lock screen settings should now be saved.

If problem persists after completing all the aforesaid workarounds, then it is likely that the fault is on the hardware. Please contact your phone carrier to escalate this concern.

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