How to Manually Upload Photos to Dropbox on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Dropbox works in a way that allows you
to gain access to your desktop files directly from your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.
With the Dropbox app, you can bring your files with you anywhere you go, edit
files in your Dropbox from your tablet, upload videos and photos to Dropbox,
and share any file you want freely with your family and friends.
Using Dropbox on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

In order to use the Dropbox app on your
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, a partner program must be placed on a target computer
using an available Internet connection.

how to update a file to your Dropbox on your computer:
Press the Home key.
Touch on the Apps menu.
Touch to select Dropbox.
You will be prompted with on-screen
instructions. Just follow the instructions to set up and use Dropbox on your
Tab 3.
Once you update a file to your Dropbox
on your computer, it will be automatically updated to the same folder on your
other devices. This is because Dropbox will create a folder that automatically
synchronizes its contents across all of your connected devices on your account.
Steps to
manually upload a photo to Dropbox
Press the Home key/button on your device.
Touch on the Apps menu to proceed.
Touch to select Camera.
Take a photo to upload.
If a photo is already taken and ready,
touch the Image Viewer box located
at the bottom right corner of the screen. Doing so will let you preview the
current image.
Touch the photo to reveal or view the
image options at the upper portion of the screen.
Touch on the Add to Dropbox icon to proceed.
Select a folder location.
Touch Add to continue.

You will momentarily get on-screen
popup telling you that a new image was uploaded to your shared Dropbox folder
if your share folder is located on your computer.

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