How to set/use Private Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5

Need to hide some secret files on your GS 5 handset? Well, you may a few minutes of your time reading this content to learn how to secure files or contents on your mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Private Mode

One way to keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 and all information stored in it always secured is to set your phone’s private mode. By using the private mode on your device, you can prevent others from using or accessing specific contents, including sensitive images and documents saved on the device.

You can activate this mode, save files or contents to specific location and then deactivate private mode to hide items securely.
Following are the steps to walk you through setting up private mode on the Galaxy S5. You may refer to this guide if you want.

1. To get started, touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch Settings to continue.

3. Scroll up, look for and select Private Mode option.

Another way to get to the Private mode settings is by opening the notifications panel or the quick settings panel and then tap on Private mode. Doing so will likewise, activate or enable the feature on your phone.

In case you prefer not to use shortcuts, proceed to step 4.

4. Touch Private mode.

5. You will be prompted with on-screen instructions. Read the on-screen information and then tap Next to continue.

6. View the file type or type of content that can be stored or saved in private mode and then tap Next.

Private Mode is available for Video Music, My Files, Voice Recorder and Gallery applications.

7. Another set of on-screen information on using private mode will be displayed. Read on its content and tap Start.

8. Select the unlock method you prefer to use. If for instance you choose the PIN, proceed to step 9.

9. Enter a numeric PIN and touch Continue.

10. Re-enter the same numeric sequence for your PIN and then touch OK to confirm.

The Private Mode should now be activated. An indication that this mode is already enabled on your Galaxy S5 device, you can see the Private mode icon at the indicator panel. In this case, you will need to enter the numeric PIN sequence you’ve assigned to unlock the device. So be sure to take note on it.

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