How to Transfer Contents from your iPhone to Google Pixel/Pixel XL phone

Need help in moving files from your iPhone to the new Google Pixel or Pixel XL device? This content might be able to help. Read on to learn more.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Google Pixel PixelXL smartphone

This is a quick guide on how to transfer important files from your iPhone to your new Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. Before you begin, make sure both your iPhone and Pixel devices are charged to at least 50 percent to avoid any interruptions due to low power during the file transfer process.

The following steps will walk you through an easier way to move contacts, photos, calendar and events, music and video files, SMS messages, as well as iMessages from your iPhone to Google Pixel or Pixel XL. Get both phones ready and begin.

Important note:
This file transfer method is done during the initial setup of your Google Pixel device. In order to get started, turn on your Pixel phone by pressing the Power button until the phone starts then tap Let’s go to continue.

1. On your Pixel phone, tap the option to Copy your data.

2. Connect your Pixel phone to a Wi-Fi network or cellular network.

3. Unlock your iPhone.

4. On your iPhone go to the Home screen.

5. Turn off iMessage by going to Settings-> Messages, and then toggle the switch next to iMessage to turn the feature off.

Note: You will need to turn off Apple’s messaging services or iMessage, when you make a switch from an iOS phone to Android.

6. After you turn off iMessage, deregister your number used for iMessage. To do so, you need to go to Apple’s official iMessage deregister page to complete the phone number removal process from Apple’s iMessage service.

7. Connect your iPhone and Google Pixel phone using the Quick Switch Adapter. This adapter comes with the Google Pixel device.

8. When both devices are successfully connected, log in to your Google account. In case you haven’t set up a Google account yet, create or sign up for one on your Android device to proceed to the next step.

9. You will see a list of your contents or data on your device.

  • Tap Copy, to copy all your data. If you want to exclude an item, simply switch the item off and then tap Copy to proceed.

You will see a pop up message saying that the transfer is done.

10. If you want to cancel the transfer, tap on the option to Stop copying.

11. Continue setting up your new Pixel phone by tapping on OK.

12. Wait for the entire transfer process to complete.

By then you should be able to access any of the files you have moved from your iPhone through to your Google Pixel smartphone.

Note: If you want to transfer your latest data to your Google Pixel phone, you will need to sync your iOhone with your iCloud account before setup.

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