How to Unpair/Re-register a Wireless Router with your Samsung Galaxy S5

This guide will help you un-pair or disconnect your Samsung Galaxy S5 from a wireless router and re-register or re-established connection between your phone and a wireless router/access point (AP).

unpair reconnect Samsung Galaxy S5 to wireless access point

If you’re looking for help in doing this process, then you may refer to this content. Just follow the steps we elaborate below.

1. For you to get started, get to the Home screen and touch Apps.

2. Next, touch Settings.

3. Under Settings, touch to select Wi-Fi. This will prompt you with the Wi-Fi screen containing a list of available Wi-Fi networks in range.

4. Choose the AP or router name you want to unpair from the list.


An indication that you are currently paired to an AP or wireless router is the label beneath the AP name that says “Connected.” Just look for the AP name with this label beneath it then touch to select that AP or router name.

5. Once the router name is selected, you’ll be prompted with the AP details. Just touch the Forget button to proceed.


If you want to re-access a wireless router or AP, just touch/select that AP from the Wi-Fi list. To connect or reconnect to the selected AP, just enter the password for that AP, then touch Connect.

Please note that an access point (AP) without a lock symbol next to the Wi-Fi icon means that it can be accessed without requiring a password. All you need is to touch on that AP name to get connected.

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