How to use Samsung Galaxy S5 Video Recorder [Settings configuration included]

This content is aimed to help new owners of Samsung Galaxy S5 who are trying to use the phone’s video recorder for the first time. We have simplified the steps for anyone to easily follow.

how to use video recorder samsung galaxy s5

You can use the Galaxy S5 camera to record video clips and enhance the quality of your video clips by adjusting some of the camera settings. And this content will teach you how to get these things done.

Here are the steps:

1. In order to use your phone’s video recorder, you have to turn on the video recorder first. To turn on video recorder on your Galaxy S5, touch Apps from the Home screen, then touch Camera to launch the camera application.

2. Once the Camera app is opened, you may now start using it to take photos or record videos according to your preference. You can also adjust a number of settings to get better results. Among the settings options you can modify are as follow:

* Zoom in or out
* Turn video light on or off
* Choose screen resolution
* Choose memory to use for storing images/video clips
* Turn geo-tagging on or off
* Record a video clip

Quick hint:
To zoom photos in or out, simply drag your two fingers together or apart.

4. Turn video light on or off. The Galaxy S5 video recorder allows you to turn video light on or off. Follow these steps:

a. Inside the video recorder screen, touch the settings icon represented by a wheel-like symbol, located on the upper-left corner of the screen. It’s the first icon at the top of the screen.
b. Touch Flash from the given settings options. To turn the function on or off, touch Flash repeatedly.

5. Choose screen resolution. You can also adjust the screen resolution for a video or photo. Here’s how:
a. Touch Video size, under Settings screen.
b. Touch to select your preferred resolution from the given video size options.

6. Enable/disable geo-tagging feature. Geo-tagging feature will help you save and add the location where the photo or video is taken. You can turn this feature on or off the phone camera application. Simply touch Location tag, under Settings.

7. Select memory. You can also choose or specify the memory storage to be used in saving your photos and videos taken. Follow these steps:

a. Touch Storage, under Settings options.
b. Touch to choose from Device or Memory Card. 

Touch Device if you want to save photos/videos on your device storage, otherwise touch Memory card to store your taken photos and videos on the Memory card.

Note: Memory card option will only become available if you have inserted a memory card or SD card into your phone.

c. After settings storage option, touch the Return key to get back to recording mode.

8. Start recording a video clip. Once you’re done adjusting the above camera settings, you may now start recording your first video clip. Follow these steps:

a. Touch the video recorder icon next to camera icon. Doing so will initiate video recording.
b. To stop recording, touch the stop (small white square) icon. Your video clip will then be automatically saved on your preferred storage.

When you’re done using the camera app to record videos or take photos, you may now get back to the Home screen by touching the Home key. You can also view your taken photos or recorded videos and see how they look.

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