Manage APN and Data Settings on LG G3

Elaborated in this page are methods to configure and manage Access Point Name (APN) and turn on data settings on the new LG G3 smartphone.

LG G3 APN Data Settings How to configure

Quick glance at the new LG G3

 Prior reports have it that the new LG G3 is designed with removable battery, microSD slot, metallic frame and new mature interface. Among the key features the phone will sport include a QHD screen and a 13MP camera with laser auto-focus, on top of a new and better user interface.

After impressing far more than most expected with the LG G2 in 2013, LG is once again set to roll out a new handset called the LG G3, which according to initial expert reviews, “more phablet than phone.”

If you think you’re gonna be needing this information some time later when you’ll get a share of the new LG handset, please don’t hesitate to read on this entire content.

A. Steps to Enable or turn on Data Settings on LG G3

1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
2. Scroll to and tap on Settings.
3. Tap to select Tethering & Networks to continue.
4. Tap Mobile networks.
5. If you see the Data enabled checkbox is unchecked, tap to put a check mark on it. Doing so enables or turns on data function on the phone.
6. In case you are roaming out of your carrier’s or ISP’s network, be sure to select Data Roaming and place a check on its check box and finally tap Yes to confirm action.

Charges may apply if you are roaming internationally. So be sure to contact your ISP and verify roaming charges with them.

B. Steps to Select APN on LG G3

1. Tap Apps from any Home screen.
2. Scroll to and tap on Settings.
3. Tap to select Tethering & Networks option.
4. Select Mobile networks to continue.
5. Tap Access Point Names (APN).
6. Choose your preferred APN or access point name for your device.
7. If you want to set up a new APN, tap the Menu key and then select New APN option to begin adding a new APN on your device.

C. Steps to Restore default APN settings on LG G3

In case you have previously added an APN and want to restore default APN settings on your device, follow these steps.

1. Tap on Apps from any Home screen.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Select Tethering & Networks to continue.
4. Tap Mobile networks.
5. Tap to select Access point names.
6. Tap the Menu key.
7. Tap Reset to default.

You will need to manually add a separate APN for the Reset to default option to appear.

8. Tap Yes to complete the APN restore process on your phone.

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