Galaxy S5 Calendar Issue: Deleting an Online or ActiveSync Event with Attendees

This article contains the recommended workarounds to deal with a calendar issue on the Galaxy S5, in which the user has deleted an event from one of his online account calendars on his Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync calendar, including attendees. Even so, the user is still seeing this event on the attendee’s calendars.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Calendar Galaxy S5 Problems

What could have possibly caused such problem to occur?
The specified problem encountered by one of the GS 5 users (as mentioned above) could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Data connection is not available or the phone does not have access to a data connection.
  • You are not the organizer or owner of the event.
  • The event cancellation has not been processed by the attendee’s account.

What should be done to rectify this problem?

1. Before you start performing the recommended resolution procedures or workarounds, be sure to verify your phone has an available data connection beforehand. Please note that data connection is necessary when syncing to an online ActiveSync account so ensure your device has access to an available data connection.

In order to determine as to whether or not your phone has access to an available data connection, try opening a browser and connect to a website. If you can browse, then that means you’re connected, otherwise, troubleshoot data connectivity issues on your device first.

2. Another thing you have to remember is that the changes you make to an event on your device will not impact the event on other attendee’s calendars, if you are not the owner or organizer of the event. So if you delete a calendar event from your device, the event will be removed only from your device and account.

The owner or organizer of the event will get a “Declined” notice through email, in the case of deleting an event with attendees from your Google or ActiveSync calendar.

Recommended Workarounds

Please note that it may take time for the device to show a cancelled event with attendees, or event to be removed from an attendee’s device. The attendee should see the cancellation, otherwise the event will be deleted after their next sync. As recommended solution for this issue, you have to manually sync with the account.

Follow these steps:

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.

2. Touch Settings to continue.

3. Select Accounts.

4. Touch the account type you want to have calendar items synced from.

5. Touch Sycn All. Doing so will let your device sync with the account.

If you are attempting to view the event from your computer, ensure you follow the necessary process or on-screen prompts to sync the account with your computer successfully.

Also, if you are using Samsung Kies when syncing your phone with your computer, any events you remove or delete on your computer or on your phone will be deleted the next time you connect your phone to the computer and sync using Samsung Kies.

Hope this helps.

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