Samsung Galaxy S5 Browser Problem: Auto-fill Information Won’t Load [How to fix]

While it could be unsafe, many Internet users often used their browser’s auto-fill information feature for easier and faster access to their online accounts, including emails, websites and social media networks. Mobile Internet users also use this function on their mobile browsers, including those with Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, some S5 users have reported an issue while attempting to use the auto-fill function on their phone browser. The problem is that the auto-fill information is not populating while using either Chrome or Internet browser on the handset.

enable chrome autofill samsung galaxy S5

In respond to this concern, we’ve done some diggings on pertinent forums and help sites. And here’s what we’ve got. If you are one of those who are encountering the same problem with the Galaxy S5 browser, read on to find out what needs to be done to deal with the issue.
Possible causes of the problem

The problem on mobile browser’s auto-fill function could likely be due to the any of the following factors:

  • The website or webform is new or changed.
  • The website is secured and prevents auto-fill data.
  • Save passwords or auto-fill forms have been disabled.
  • Profile not set or log in data is not saved in the Internet or Chrome browser.
  • The browser app’s data or cache has been cleared.

After determining the possible cause of the problem encountered with the browser auto-fill, we suggest you perform these steps:

1. To ensure the problem is not due to a webform, verify that this is a webform or correct (same) type of webform you have previously completed.

2. Verify the website is not secured. Using of auto-fill information may not be allowed on secured websites. You may contact the webmaster of the site you are trying to access, and check whether or not they allow the use of auto-fill data on their site.

3. To ensure the problem is not due to some messed up settings on your phone, check the browser app settings on your device . In case you need further assistance, follow these steps:

Open a browser on your device and try to auto-fill forms using these methods:

a. To get started, touch Apps from the Home screen.

b. Touch Internet or Chrome app to open Internet or Chrome browser on your phone.

c. Try to open the website in which you want to use auto-fill information for logging in, like

d. Enter your log in details.

e. When prompted, confirm Auto-fill request.

f. Log out or sign out from your account.

g. Log/sign back in using auto-fill.

That should work fine.

If problem persists after completing the aforesaid methods, continue with enabling auto-fill forms and save passwords in the browser settings. Follow these steps to get through the entire process.

How to Enable Auto-fill Forms and Save Passwords in the Galaxy S5 browser settings?

A. Method 1 [Internet Browser]

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch select Internet browser.

3. Locate the Auto Fill forms option and check the box next to it.

4. Touch the Back icon.

5. Select Privacy.

6. Look for the option to Remember passwords and check the box next to it.

B. Method 2 [Chrome Browser]

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch Chrome.

3. Select Menu to continue.

4. Touch Settings.

5. Touch Auto-fill Forms.

6. Touch the ON/OFF slider next to Auto-fill forms. Toggle the switch to turn it ON to enable auto-fill function on the Chrome browser.

7. Touch the Back icon.

8. Touch Save passwords.

9. Touch the ON/OFF slider next to Save Passwords to enable Save Passwords on the Chrome browser.

10. Open a browser on your phone by touching Apps->Internet or Apps ->Chrome.

11. Navigate to any log in site like google accounts or gmail.

12. Enter your log in information.

13. Confirm Auto-fill request when prompted.

14. Log out or sign out from your account.

15. Log or sign back in using auto-fill.

And that should do it.

When auto-fill function is enabled, the browser stores your log in details for certain sites, so by the next time you’ll log in, it will automatically fill in the log in fields. All you need to do by then is to simply click or tap on the log in button to access your accounts.

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